Monday, December 3, 2007

Sam, Happy Birthday!!!

The girls are 7 months old now!

Clark, Cal, Ruth, Haley & Shanna Dec 2

Clark is vanishing...

The girls Dec 2

A tree merry & bright

Haley hoping for milk for Christmas

Clark planning how to get the most candy at the Chadbourn parade Dec 1

Clark, Ruth, Cal Dec 1

A cheery float

Lee enjoyed seeing the Prowler, not loved seeing it, just enjoyed seeing it...

Shanna smiling up a storm; Haley wondering why we are taking a picture

Lee, the perfect dad, and the girls

What a lap-full of fun!

Hmmm...I wonder what Cal is planning next

Lee & Shanna

Some 4 wheelers.....

Clark, Cal & Germain

When we looked at this picture after it was taken, we wondered if there was a mirror at the park--on the other side of Cal, it looks like Cal again! But we realized that it was Clark.

Climbing Cal

The boys again with their park friend

Daddy and the girls

Have a fantastic week! Happy Birthday to Sam!

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