Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Final Week in Whiteville

Happy Birthday Dad on Christmas Eve!

This last week in Whiteville was busy. Work was full of Christmas cheer as we approached our final day before closing for the holidays. We took the middle seat out of the van so that Ruth and the kids could take a van-load up to Mom and Dad’s garage. Every time we go up to visit we try and take a few things we could do without. The trip was uneventful and Sheldon helped Ruth unpack the van when he got home from school.

That same day at work Dr. Lewis asked if there was anything we wanted for Christmas! I wasn’t sure what to tell him. When I came home for lunch I called Ruth and asked her. We decided to just give him a list of a few things. Turns out we probably should have asked for nicer stuff. J

Thursday Ruth took the boys to story time at the library. She had a good time talking to her friend Jeanne while the boys enjoyed the library and a cookie and candy pot-luck.

Friday at work everybody was giving and receiving gifts! I didn’t know all the staff would do that so we felt a little bad that we hadn’t gotten them anything. Anyway, we got a few cards, a tie, goodies, a power drill and tool kit, a big basket of Godiva chocolate, a movie for the boys, and a yummy candle. Wow!! I was really shocked to get all that stuff from everybody! All we got Dr. Lewis was a card with our Christmas letter, picture, and Mr. Krueger’s Christmas. Ruth finished our Christmas pajama pants that day too.

That night we stayed up late cleaning the house. I went to bed around 1:30 and Ruth at 2:30. The next morning we started packing up and getting things in the van. There were several piles around the house – each of which looked to big to fit in the van. With 6 bodies in the car there’s not a lot of room for stuff; nevertheless, it did all fit and I think you would have all been surprised. If there was a nook or cranny we had something occupying it. Poor Ruth had to sit in her seat Native American style. When we got to Raleigh Sheldon helped us unload our stuff and put it upstairs in the garage.

So far we’ve had a great time for our Christmas break. Sam got in early this morning and Lois, Jeff, Stephanie, and Andy will be flying in tomorrow night. Dad has 2 full weeks off from ConAgra and we are very happy for him. What a great birthday and Christmas present!

Happy Birthday to Joseph Smith today.

Merry Christmas every one. Hope you all have safe travels and a festive Christmas Eve.

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