Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy 79 Degrees!

Sunday Dec 9, Shanna in her Christmas dress. We tried to get the girls together, but Shanna would not stay still.

Shanna again

Haley in her Christmas dress. Wow, it's weird how alike Shanna & Haley's dresses look. Did somebody plan that?

Haley again!

Shanna again

One more time.

Clark and Cal's advent calendars. As you can see we are a little behind.

Clark made this awesome tree in primary. Since there are so few kids in primary, Sister Hall has awesome crafts that they do.

Sweet Haley again

Clark took this photo. Quit an angle, huh?

Clark taking a picture of Clark

Dec 8th at the Chadbourn park with Charlie and Noah Hubbell

Clark, Charlie & Noah Hubbell, Cal

Dec 9 Clark showing one of his lego creations. He's made some really cool ones.

Haley & Shanna Dec 6

Clark, Shanna & Haley Dec 6

Cal, Clark, Shanna, Haley Dec 6

Cal, Clark, Shanna Haley Dec 6

Cal trying to figure out how many pennies he needs to save to become a millionaire at age 30.

Hi All! Merry, Merry December 10th!

Last week was a good one for us, and busy. Lee continued to study for boards. Ruth continued to take care of the home. Clark continued to enjoy his rare treat of Spaghettios. Cal continued to be mommy’s little helper. Shanna continued to act like a baby as she was Baby Jesus Saturday night. Haley continued to wake up every night around 4 am.

Lee and I both spoke at church yesterday. Lee’s focused on Elder Jeffery R. Holland’s talk from April General Conference. I recommend you all clicking on the above link and reading it again. It's one of those talks that should be read at least twice a year for the rest of one's life. I talked on how from small and simple things, great things come to pass.

Saturday night was the Branch Relief Society Christmas Dinner & Program. And we were the program. As I mentioned Shanna was baby Jesus and I was Mary and Lee was the donkey. Just kidding! He was Joseph. I read something that would be similar to what Mary would have written in a diary. It was about what she may have thought about before, during and after the birth of Jesus. Mixed in with all of this the audience joined in signing Christmas songs that went along with the same time line—before, during and after Christ’s birth.

While Shanna was playing her part, Lee took off her pacifier and pacifier clip. Now, Shanna LOVES her pacifier. Just see the movie of her posted a month or so ago. During one of the songs, Lee fished out just the pacifier from his pocket because Shanna was getting fussy. So Shanna has her pacifier and at one point it fell out of her mouth onto her lap. She just reached down, grabbed it and popped it back into her mouth. The “audience” got a chuckle out of that.

Saturday morning Lee made crêpes! They were yummy! We went to the Chadbourn park and my friend Joy and her two boys met us there. Clark and Cal enjoyed that.

Sunday night the egg theme continued and Lee made us yummy omelets.

We are off to my mom and dad’s tomorrow. Lee will be back in Memphis tomorrow to take boards on Wednesday and Thursday. (Part II.)

We are loving the holiday season and the great weather! I admit, a white Christmas would be FANTASTIC! But with little kids, it’s so nice when it’s 70 outside. Right now it’s 79.

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