Friday, June 7, 2019

No More School! No More Books!

School is finally out!  YAY!  One of the BEST days of the year!  Before that happened, of course there were many activities and a year-end field trip.  Lee and Cal headed out to see the Lion King.

They'll have to give you more details but they really enjoyed it!

That same weekend I headed up to PA to babysit my nieces and nephews. 

I wasn't going to make it to Joseph's graduation so I threw a little party for him and invited my parents to come.

I got to run Katie to work. 

When we arrived home I found this on our kitchen counter...YUCK!

Each spring (it seems) the local garden club loans out a pretty arrangement to Lee's office.

Time for more award ceremonies!  Cal and Haley both received awards at the middle school.

I thought these were really cute.  Can't remember which teacher they are from.

Elden also had a fun field trip at the local creek.  My kids like to go down there and poke around.  I stopped by and said hi and then headed off to Cal's end of year lunch.

Almost a high schooler!

A random moth....

I can't remember what this picture is of....but I think it's when we helped our friend Angie move.

More bugs...

Right before school let out I snuck in a hair appointment.

One the last day of school Elden had his award ceremony.  Just one more year left at elementary school for us!

After school we did our yearly tradition of going to the pool.  It wasn't very warm out but we went anyway.  Though we didn't stay long!

A great way to celebrate the start of the summer holiday!

And life keeps going in the summer!  I finally showed Clark how to hem pants. I did one leg and he did the other.

Summer life at home...lots of forts!  Happy Summer!!!

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