Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cal is 14!

Yep, Cal is 14th!  He had a fun birthday, which we celebrated here at home.  Cal created an Ookki Nookii Frog and wanted one for his birthday cake.

I tried my best!

I hope he liked it! 

He of course enjoyed opening cards and gifts.

Happy Birthday Cal!  We sure love you!  Keep working on your creativity!

Our friends the Peterson's celebrated Cal, Shanna and Haley's birthdays as well which was really sweet of them! 

We did our semi-annual or annual Bear Fence hike.  It's a fun, short hike with awesome views at the top.

This particular June day was very blustery.  We actually felt a little unsafe up top and didn't stay long!

We were all over the place this summer. We headed up to Maryland for Rhett's birthday!

He is such a cutie and a sweet boy.

We also headed to PA so I could go to the temple with Joseph when he received his endowment.  We're excited for him to serve in the Las Vegas West mission!

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