Sunday, January 13, 2019

Wow, What a Weekend!

Tuesday was such a warm day!  60! We had to take advantage of the warm weather and go skiing.

A lot of snow has melted off the slopes.

So funny.  I think Haley got ahold of my phone.

We finally finished Elden's pumpkin roll!

After school one day Haley made some pudding and did some cute hearts on some vanilla wafers.

Friday evening we were privileged to got to a fireside with Elder Christofferson and his wife, and Elder Randall Bennett and his wife in Lexington, Virginia.  I picked up the kids right after school, stopped by to bring two friends with us, then headed down.  We stopped at Burger King for an early dinner then went to the stake center. I think we had room to choose from...

Afterwards the youth shook Elder Christofferson's hand and his wife's.  So neat! He is one of Jesus Christ's 12 apostles on the earth. This was a neat experience.

We had fun getting ice cream afterwards with our ward!

Saturday we enjoyed going to my nephew Blake's baptism.  Cal was asked to talk about baptism and gave a fun, succinct talk.

I snapped a picture of Jeff and Blake right after the baptism.

Oh, here are my notes from the fireside on Friday if you are interested.  At the end Elder Christofferson did a question and answer session in case it gets confusing.

After the baptism we headed to the Philadelphia temple with Shanna, Haley, Cal and Clark!  We all did baptisms.  The girls were so excited, I loved it. The girls even met the temple president.

We hit up a fun ice cream place in Philadephia, the Franklin Fountain.

A snow storm moved in Saturday afternoon.  The kids went out Saturday night and played in the snow. 

Church was canceled today for us and Lois.  And since we were at Lois' we had a fun morning hanging out!

We left Lois' a little after 2pm.  I did not want to drive home in the dark because our area was in a winter storm warning.  It was pretty crummy from about DC to Luray.  The drive went well and we arrived home safely.  It took us longer to get home than normal, but that's okay.

Shanna bought some Lego friends pods last week with her work money and has been loving them.

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