Sunday, January 13, 2019

Happy New Year! 2019!

Wow, 2019 is here!!!  Can you believe it?  Well, actually, I can.  So exciting!  We rung in the New Year at Darrell's.  All of our kids slept at Darrell's house so it was funny that Lee and I slept at my mom and dad's.  Their guest bed is so comfy!
Jan 1 2019 (7)

Jan 1 2019

Jan 1 2019 (2)

Jan 1 2019 (8)

Jan 1 2019 (3)

On New Year's day we went to the church again to play volleyball, sardines and have lunch.  Sardines was sooo fun!
Jan 1 2019 (4)

Jan 1 2019 (5)

Serena turned one when we wouldn't be around so we gave her an early birthday gift. 
Jan 1 2019 (6)

We made it back home late Tuesday night.  We had Wednesday off from school so it was a nice day at home.  Haley and Cal had fun baking and decorating a cake.
Jan 2 2019

It turned out great!
Jan 2 2019 (3)

With the new youth changes Shanna, Haley, Clark and Cal all went to their first mutual youth activity together!  I tried to get a picture of all four, but we were late to the activity that evening and just got a couple of kids in the picture.
Jan 2 2019 (2)

More skiing! It was so fun just going after work one night.  I loved it!
Jan 3 2019 (2)

And this was the random guy that took our photo.  He wanted to take a selfie on my phone as well, haha.
Jan 3 2019 (3)

Jan 3 2019

The church I attend, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made a lot of changes this past year.  One big change is that church went from three hours down to two.  We also received instruction to do more gospel study at home and received a great manual to assist us with that.  The very first lesson was on how learning the gospel of Jesus Christ is our personal responsibility. One parable we read about in the scriptures was about the Ten Virgins.  I have an oil lamp from the Jerusalem area that my friend gave to me.  I pulled it out to show the kids.  We talked about putting oil in our lamps each day.
Jan 5 2019

It faded really fast but one day we saw a sunburst or something like that...very cool. Can you see it on here?
Jan 6 2019

Shanna and Haley had temple and Priesthood meeting and also received their temple recommends!  We walked down to Lee's office, to use the printer, and printed off names of people who have died, that have not been baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They are looking forward to doing baptisms!
Jan 6 2019 (2)

We had a crazy Sunday dinner recently.... I am doing a frugal January and wanted to eat up food from the holidays.  Lee steamed some carrots, I popped popcorn and we enjoyed some pies that were in the freezer.  How is your new year going?
Jan 6 2019 (3)

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