Saturday, December 8, 2018

Ugly Sweater & PJ Fun!

Since Thanksgiving fell early this year, we opted to have our Ugly Sweater Party early as well, which was awesome!!! 

And of course before the party we find last minute things to do around the house.  Lee installed a new light and helped me recover the dining chairs.
Nov 29 2018 (2)

Nov 29 2018

We had a terrific turnout with about 27 people I think!  Lee and I gifted dried bugs this year for our white elephant gift.  Lee and I were both under the weather, so I would sneak off to cough it out upstairs with the kids.  Ugh.  I hope next year I'm healthy for the party! We had a great time though.  I made two yummy treats and completely forgot to put them chocolate chocolate-chip cookies and lemon bars. 
Nov 30 2018 (2) Ugly Sweater

Nov 30 2018 (3) Ugly Sweater

We had fun partying and staying up late.  The last couple to leave was about midnight.  We decided to clean-up and just drive to Lois' right then since we were going to the temple.  We stopped and slept for a little bit on the way.  But we got to Lois' about 4:45am and left soon thereafter.  We still made it to the 7am session in Philadelphia!  We spent the day with the Heits so we could see Reed in Peter Pan.  That was really fun! Oh and I also took the girls to their brain study follow-up.  They each received $50 and myself $75.

At Peter Pan with the Heits and Bartholomews!
Dec 1 2018 (4)

Dec 1 2018

I had Elden fix a pair of his pants.  Lee is reading a book where the author's mom made him do things himself, like fix his pants when he was a kid.  Though I didn't do exactly as his mom (she basically said, figure it out) I guided Elden through the process.  He was quite pleased with the result!  Sadly they re-ripped.  But he got to wear them a couple times more!
Dec 4 2018 (2)

Dec 4 2018 (3)

We LOVED getting the gifts together for Lee's team members this Christmas!
Dec 4 2018

Uncle Sheldon sent us a game!  It will be fun to play it!
Dec 5 2018 (2)

What a fun surprise.  Thanks Sheldon!
Dec 5 2018

Dec 5 2018 (3)

We had a fun snowfall in December. 

Dec 5 2018

And of course it melted pretty quickly.  Clark marched in a holiday parade.
Dec 7 2018 (2)

Dec 7 2018 (3)

Dec 7 2018 (5)

Dec 7 2018

After the parade Lee rented a Bird scooter for a few minutes.  Can't wait to use them when it's warmer out!
Dec 7 2018 (4)

We all had to take turns....
Dec 7 2018 (6)

More holiday fun continued with our ward Christmas breakfast.  You could wear pjs, and you bet we did!  Games, singing from the primary and the whole group, visiting and a visit from Santa completed the fun event.
Dec 8 2018 (2)

Dec 8 2018 (4)

Our team won one game and Cal won another!
Dec 8 2018 (3)

The primary also used bells which was so cute!

Dec 8 2018 (5)

Dec 8 2018 (10)

Dec 8 2018 (11)

Dec 8 2018 (13)

Dec 8 2018 (17)

Dec 8 2018 (16)

Dec 8 2018

I love snow at night.  Happy Holidays everyone!

Dec 9 2018

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