Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Fun

We love the activities that Christmas-time brings!  Too bad it didn't snow Christmas Eve, but snow anytime in December is great!  And thankfully hardly any patients canceled on Lee.
Dec 10 2018 (2)

We did our annual signing at the nursing home.  Sadly our friends that we go with weren't able to come.  Maybe we can go singing in January.
Dec 10 2018 (3)

Shanna and Haley played a game at a birthday party and Shanna re-created a similar one for us for family home evening.  It was really fun!

Dec 10 2018 (4)

Dec 10 2018 (8)

For Christmas one big experience present for the whole family we purchased is ski passes for everyone.  School was canceled for a few days.  We took advantage of that to get our ski rentals fitted, then the next went to the slopes.
Dec 10 2018

Yes, we watched a couple of YouTube skiing videos and I took the kids out.  I was a bit nervous.  Mainly with the chair lifts...people getting on and off.  But after about 20 minutes the kids went at it and were on the ski lift!  I was pretty nervous when all four of them (Clark had given up at this point) were on a chair lift by themselves. But they successfully exited.
Dec 11 2018 (2)

Dec 11 2018

Lee's team members gifted him a REALLY fun Christmas gift basket!
Dec 11 2018

The Domino gift card was really fun, especially the note of "The Best Boss EVER!"  Love that!
Dec 13 2018

Another team member gave an additional gift as well.  So sweet!
Dec 12 2018

In third, forth and fifth grade they spend time on multiplication tables.  Elden passed his 0-12s and was able to get ice cream and all the toppings he wanted!
Dec 13 2018 (3)

For Lee's work party this year we took everyone to Massanutten Water Park.  We all loved it!

Dec 14 2018 (2)

Dec 14 2018 (4)

Dec 14 2018 (5)

Dec 14 2018 (6)

Dec 14 2018 (7)

Dec 14 2018 (9)

Dec 14 2018

I have probably taken too many ski pictures...
Dec 15 2018 (2)

Dec 15 2018

Dec 15 2018 (8)

Dec 15 2018 (3)

Dec 15 2018 (4)

Dec 15 2018 (5)

Each Christmas we read or watch A Christmas Carol.  We watched a performance that our library sponsored. It was a cute rendition with only two actors!
Dec 15 2018 (6)

The Nutcracker this year starred my friend's daughter as Clara and she and her husband were in it as long as their little daughter.  Lee, the girls and I enjoyed going.  Some of our friends were there as well which was a bonus!
Dec 15 2018 (7)

Haley and some other of my kids know how to add cute little tags to the photos. I hope your holidays are filled with fun family activities as well!
Dec 15 2018 (9)

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