Monday, September 17, 2018

Cousins Come to Visit!

Well the routine of school is underway, along with my weekly copying.  (Though I can't wait till next summer!!!)
September 6 2018 (2)

Shanna decided to try cross country this year.  She made some new friends as well.  I enjoyed going to her meets.
September 6 2018 (3)

September 6 2018 (4)

Lee enjoyed some early morning bike rides and captured some very pretty photos. This being one of them.
September 6 2018

Uncle Sheldon sends my kids Lego minifigures every once in awhile and they loved getting one in September!  Thanks Uncle Sheldon! Poor Elden got into some poison something or other on our Labor Day trip.  His face was really swollen.  You can tell somewhat in this picture.  I never got a picture of him with it really bad as he didn't want one.  Poor kid.  He was really sad about it one morning before school.  Thankfully no one made fun of him. 
September 7 2018 (2)

Riding in the rain home from school!
September 7 2018

After one cross country meet Shanna and I went to the opening day of Aldi.  It's so great having one in the area!  I also got some awesome coupons!
Sept 6 2018 (2)

Our neighbors got a new puppy.  So cute!  Though I still don't want animals...
September 7 2018 (3)

We started a new tradition while we are assigned to attend the Philadelphia temple.  Blueberry temple runs! The night before the temple I make blueberry muffins to bring on our little trip.  Then we wake up Saturday morning about 1:20am.  We stop at Lois' at 4:30am to pick them up, and we drop off our kids.  Then we get to the temple by 6:30.  We are able to make the 7am session and then swap with someone else doing sealings or initiatories.  We are back at Lois' around 11:30ish, and back at our house at 2:30/3:00 if we don't have any errands or hit traffic.  We did it one time and I liked it so well we've done it a few times!  The Philadelphia Temple is about 5 hours away.  Going really early makes it great so that we have part of a Saturday left. 
September 7 2018 (4)

Sometimes after the temple we hang out at Lois'.  Cal made a little Lego piano guy.
September 8 2018 (2)

And my kids love Keva Planks.
September 8 2018

I am a counselor in the Primary Presidency and made these handouts for the upcoming Primary program. I thought they turned out great!
Sept 8 2018 (2)

Koolaid and krafts.  Or crafts, haha.
Sept 8 2018

We made apple dumplings with our apples! So yummy!
Sept 9 2018

Now on to the cousin part!  Lizzy was off to BYU-Idaho for her first year!  Daniel and Amy came up to drop off Anthon and Rachel.  They stayed with me while Daniel and Amy drove Lizzy to Rexburg.  We had fun visiting.
Sept 10 2018 (3)

Sept 10 2018 (4)

Sept 10 2018 (2)

Sept 10 2018

And they're off!
Sept 10 2018 (5)

I started posting some things on social media about budgeting and also kid money stuff.  My kids do jobs around the house because they are part of the family.  They also do different jobs around the house that they are paid to do.  This way they can earn a little spending money and also learn to budget their money.
Sept 11 2018 (2)

Anthon and Rachel hung out with me during the day.  Anthon went to seminary with Clark.  On September 11th we went to the park for a special memorial. 
Sept 11 2018 (3)

This is a part of a beam from the Twin Towers.
Sept 11 2018 (4)

Sept 11 2018

One evening we were going somewhere and I dropped my chapstick.  I tried to find it and guess what I found instead?  An extra key fob and key!  We've had this suburban for about 2 years.  When we bought it we received two keys and one key fob.  We had another one made.  Now we have a third set!
Sept 12 2018

Enjoying another cross country meet!
Sept 13 2018

I bought several fall dresses for my girls so see which couple to keep.  One I gave to Rachel.  It looks so cute on her!
Sept 14 2018 (2)

We started prepping for the Halloween Hoo Doo!  Lee hands out treats or eyeball glasses.  We need at least 600 pieces.  Lee could hand out well over that.  Probably about 900-1000.
Sept 14 2018

Shanna and Brooklyn made a huge cookie for Brooklyn's parents.  It was their anniversary.  I thought that was so cute.
Sept 15 2018 (2)

Clark and Anthon had lots of fun at a youth dance.  Lee and I went as well and also had a great time!
Sept 15 2018 (3)

Sept 15 2018 (5)

Sept 15 2018 (6)

After we went to Cookout for a late night snack!
Sept 15 2018 (4)

The kids enjoy making food creations once in a while.  I guess Shanna decided to have some fun!
Sept 15 2018

We had a fun visit with Anthon and Rachel!

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