Thursday, May 3, 2018

Shanna and Haley: 11!!!

Just like that the girls are inching closer and closer to being teenagers.  The big 11th birthday happened and I think it was a success! 

Shanna and Haley each made a list of birthday present ideas. I forgot to take a photo, but on the back of Haley's she also wrote down what NOT to get her. I let them know from the start that they would be getting maybe two presents.
April 25 2018 (4)

April 25 2018 (5)

The morning of their birthday the girls opened their presents from Cal. He was very generous!
May 2 2018

I had a Pikachu cake request from Haley (she had that last year as well) and a donut tower for Shanna.
May 1 2018 (2)

The beginnings of Pikachu.
May 1 2018

Similar to last year's...though slightly different.
May 1 2018 (3)

I had a field trip that morning with Elden.  Lee came to the rescue and did some decorations in Shanna and Haley's lockers.
May 2 2018 (2)

May 2 2018 (5)

The birthday girls headed to school! They brought watermelon cup cakes and popsicles to share.
May 2 2018 (3)

Elden and I had a trip to Monticello.  It was warm out that day which was great!
May 2 2018 (4)

Party time again!
May 2 2018 (6)

May 2 2018 (9)

May 2 2018 (10)

May 2 2018 (11)

My sweet girls!  Can't believe they are headed to middle school!
May 2 2018 (13)

May 2 2018 (14)

May 2 2018 (15)

May 2 2018 (16)

May 2 2018 (17)

Haha, nice Elden.
May 2 2018 (18)

May 2 2018 (19)

Present time!
May 2 2018 (20)

Shanna's big gift was a doctor's set, which is pretty realistic! She also got a foot brace.
May 2 2018 (21)

Haley received a special Pokemon set.
May 2 2018 (22)

We had church activities that night so we headed to the girl's choice that night for dinner: Wood Grill Buffet.  I must say (if there is money in the budget!) it's super nice going out to eat on their birthday!  No mess to clean up at home with dinner!
May 2 2018 (23)

May 2 2018 (24)

The girls seemed to enjoy their birthday and family party. 

The next day I received some fun volunteer gifts from one of my favorite teachers! 
May 3 2018

Lee and I also headed out for a golfing date one afternoon.  I had a lot of fun.  Lee wanted to go golfing because his schedule was empty and contacted a couple of people but they couldn't go. I suggested that I go along.  I loved it!  I drove the cart and he golfed.  Perfect! 
May 4 2018 (2)

May 4 2018 (3)

Spring Fling also happened the beginning of May. Sadly Spring Fling seems to happen when other activities are going on.  We couldn't stay long, but Shanna was able to get a pie in her face before we left. 
May 4 2018 (4)

May 4 2018 (5)

Happy birthday girls!!!

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