Monday, May 21, 2018

New Flooring!

The story continues with switching rooms in our house.  One thing we decided to do was get new carpet in the kids' bedrooms downstairs, and redo the vinyl flooring in the laundry room. 

But first those random photos.  Like Shanna with these glasses that Clark brought back from Nicaragua.
May 14 2018

And we enjoyed attending Clark's spring concert.  So fun hearing him play the keyboard for Jazz Band and the Baritone in Concert Band.
May 14 2018 (2)

I thought these signs are our local garden store.
May 15 2018 (2)

May 15 2018

So I went through the girl's stuff and filled these two garbage bags full of junk and garbage.  Once we get them a dresser and they finish moving in to their room I will throw them away.  I am keeping them to see if they ask for anything in them.  So far, nothing!
May 17 2018 (8)

Here is that messy room I tackled....hence the two huge garbage bags.

May 15 2018 (4)

May 15 2018 (5)

The room after.  It is now the play room.  We still need to give a finishing touch to the room, but for now this is how it will be.
May 15 2018 (7)

And we found this cute picture that I love of Lee! 
May 15 2018 (6)

On to the new flooring....Lee got the carpet out of the two rooms downstairs.  It was quite the things to just get all the furniture out.  Especially taking about the bunk bed!
May 15 2018 (8)

Lots of staples to pull.  And I'm glad we went ahead with carpet.  One, it's cozy for bedrooms.  Two, there was significant termite damage in the wood flooring in the boys room.  It could have been fixed, but we are glad we went with carpet.
May 17 2018 (3)

I never intended to replace this flooring in the laundry room.  I don't care about the laundry room as it's a utility room and more like a garage for us.  But the flooring started to peel and that makes bad flooring look even worse. Since we were having the carpet redone, might as well and get the vinyl redone as well.
May 17 2018 (7)

Since Lee opened up the vision therapy clinic he has been sprucing up the other office space as well.  The building he is in is split in upstairs and a main floor. And with two separate entrances.  The flooring for the entrance that leads up to the vision therapy clinic looked horrible. We got that replaced as well.
May 16 2018

May 16 2018 (3)

Back at the ranch....Our stuff is everywhere!
May 17 2018 (5)

May 17 2018 (4)

May 17 2018 (6)

The new carpet going in!
May 17 2018 (9)

May 17 2018 (11)

May 17 2018 (12)

The new vinyl as well!
May 17 2018 (13)

And the new flooring at the vision therapy clinic entrance.
May 17 2018

Ah, they look so much better!

Clark also had an awards night for band and a party afterwards.
May 18 2018 (2)

The Father's and Sons was cancelled because of crazy weather, but there was still a fireside meeting at the Waynesboro Stake Center.  Clark was at his band award ceremony that night, but Cal, Elden and Lee went down to the stake center.  Afterwards they hit up Cookout and came home.
May 18 2018

Ice cream at the fireside.
May 18 2019

We took a Saturday to go to the temple and then hit up IKEA and Home Depot on the way home.  We bought some things for the rooms, like chairs for the game room and bookshelves and cabinets for family room.
May 19 2018

Haley bought this at Walmart for $2.  It's so funny!
May 19 2018 (2)

I was in charge of the Priesthood and Temple prep event for 11 year-olds.  I made these cute handouts for them.  And by made I picked up the frames at IKEA, bought the printable at an Etsy shop, printed them off and framed them.  The program I did make. I copied someone else's idea but created it step by step all on my own.  I spent way too much time on that!
May 19 2018 (3)

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