Tuesday, March 6, 2018

In Like a Lion

March came!  What a weird winter it's been!  Warm 70 degree days and cold 20 degree days. 
Clark keeps getting great things at seminary!  They did a fun Helaman Army activity.  Clark occasionally wears his headband around the house.

Mar 1 2018

The kids at the elementary school read the same book throughout the whole school each year.  They fifth graders made a poster that goes along with the book...can't remember which book!  But here is Haley's poster.
March 1 2018 (2)

I ordered this cute sweater from Loft.  The first one came with a defect, and the second one came with this defect.  The third time the sweater was fine and I kept it.
March 1 2018

We had a crazy windstorm in March.  One evening we left the umbrella up on the back metal patio table.  The wind was so strong that it lifted up the umbrella and moved the table all the way to our front yard!  And this is one heavy table.  So crazy! I'm thankful the table didn't crash into our van or the neighbor's vehicles.
March 2 2018 (2)

Not sure if I posted this or not but Clark acquired a melodica! Lee bought one as well.  The kids have fun with them, but they are banned to the piano area.
March 2 2018 (3)

Haley with an awesome fort!
March 2 2018 (4)

Our neighbor works for Hershey and gave us some Reese's eggs!  So fun!
March 2 2018 (6)

We did more work on the vision therapy office!  The girls had fun testing some things out.
March 2 2018 (7)

March 2 2018 (8)

March 2 2018 (9)

We finally finished up the blackboard!
March 2 2018 (13)

March 2 2018 (11)

Makeshift strawberry shortcakes!  Yum yum!
March 2 2018 (12)

There is a new coffee place in town and they serve hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls/sticky buns there.  I wanted to try it out and so gifted Lee's employees a gift card at Christmas.  Which meant we got one as well! The sticky buns were so good! 
March 3 2018 (2)

March 3 2018 (3)

March 3 2018

Lee paid Cal to go down to the old office where Lee first started out and scrape off the old window sign.  It was funny because Cal left "yee" up on the window.  Have you seen that yee movie on youtube? 
March 3 2018 (4)

That Sunday we ventured up to Lois's and then up to Darrell's for Serena's baby blessing. 
March 4 2018 (2)

March 4 2018 (3)

March 4 2018 (4)

March 4 2018 (5)

March 4 2018 (6)

March 4 2018 (7)

We love our weekend visits up to Pennsylvania and being with family!  It's amazing!
March 4 2018 (8)

March 4 2018 (12)

March 4 2018 (13)

March 4 2018 (14)

March 4 2018 (15)

March 4 2018 (16)

March 4 2018 (17)

Cal likes drawing 3D sketches.  Pretty great!
March 5 2018 (3)

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