Friday, February 2, 2018

Exciting Announcement!!!

A big change happened with Lee's practice the first of February.  We decided to close his office at Walmart and focus solely on his private practice. He worked at the Walmart office for 5 1/2 years.  It was quite the change, but an exciting one as well.

Clark has early morning seminary, so during that time on February 1st, Lee and I went to his office and loaded up lots of the leftover items that were his.  I couldn't believe how many items were actually his!  We did quite have enough room, and Lee made a second trip.  Recently he finally picked up the mini fridge that was his.
Feb 1 2018

A beautiful sunset on the way home.  Good sign, right?!
Feb 1 2018 (2)

The kids had fun helping with records and moving stuff around at Lee's private practice office.  And of course they like getting paid.
Feb 1 2018 (3)

Feb 1 2018 (4)

A big reason to leave Walmart is that Lee is starting up vision therapy services at his office. He had a hard time finding a doctor to work for him at Walmart.  That made it so he was working more at Walmart and didn't have time to devote to vision therapy at all.  He hired an optician to work with him on the vision therapy--Joe--and he is amazing. He also helps in the optical.  Very exciting things happening here!

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