Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Optical Renovations....the beginnings

Happy Fall Everyone!  I am so excited the holidays are around the corner. I spent time in November buying gifts and what not for Christmas and that was so fun.  I plan on doing that next year as well.  And it's great knowing that come December, Christmas is paid for! 

Something that Lee has been planning on for awhile came to fruition this month.  He renovated his optical!  It's a small room, about 14x11.  We are planning on staying in this rental for a few more years and he wanted to update it.  We won't redo any more of the office area.  I guess the rooms don't all match now, but it looks a lot better and he can take the displays with him to the next place.  Here are pictures of what it looked like:



Not super bad, but all old furniture and whatnot.  And the 90s carpet didn't help much either.

I had a vision of some gray-ish flooing.  We bought some vinyl flooring at Home Depot.

Lee, Clark and Cal got the room prepped on a Thursday night.  Mainly Lee.  There were a gazillion staples to pull out though.

All the kids came down at one point or another to help.  Elden cleaned up the floor some.  The room looked so much smaller without anything in it!

The flooring was hard.  We thought it would be so easy and we'd be done in a few hours.  It took forever just to get the first three rows done.  We wanted to knock out the floor Friday night.  That did not happen.

Lee had the kids help with the glasses displays.  They had to rip off the paper and screw in the pegs.


Lots of pegs.



The floor slowly progressed but we didn't finish it.

Saturday after Lee was done working at Walmart we went back down to the office.  Lee figured out a good way to snap in the boards and FINALLY it went fast.  Ugh.  So much lost time. THE LAST PIECE! 

Finally done.  Lee definitely got a workout with this floor!

Dinner break.

The baseboards went on really quickly and I did some painting.  I re-painted the front door, some of the banisters outside and the trim in the optical.

Lee spent a lot of time measuring and drilling.  Drilling was a challenge because the drill bit that was recommended to him wasn't the right size and no one is open at 11pm at night. Or the drill bit would break. Or the holes were in the wrong place.  It was crazy and took up more time than Lee planned on.  But finally he got it done!  We still have some finishing touches, so I don't have all the pictures, but here is one sneak peak.  Looks so much better!!!!  We need to change out a top on a table and hang curtains. 

In the meantime, I made pj pants for us.  We will be going to Disney World!  
Nov 21 2017

It was exciting buying our was weird that I spent $2700 in a couple of minutes, and it didn't feel weird.  Maybe because the money's been sitting around in the bank account?  We all decided to get MagicBands as well.   I'm going with two of my sisters and their families, and my parents.
Nov 20 2017

Need those random pictures!  After church waiting around.
Nov 19 2017

This year Haley got to go on a limo ride for raising the most money in her grade for their fall fundraiser.  She won because Lee is a sponsor of the event.  Last year I missed the limo ride "departure" for Shanna by about 1 minute.  This year I was determined not to miss it.  The paper said they were leaving at 12:45.  I was at the school at 12:40.  I couldn't see anyone and asked if the limo had already left.  It had!  I was not happy. I came EARLY!  The limo arrived early so they left early.  Ugh. Well, I drove out to the restaurant and said hi to Haley, and snapped a picture.
Nov 17 201

Haley has been drawing elks and deer lately.  She is doing a nice job!
Nov 16 2017

Haley helped me make dinner one night. It was fun seeing her in their stirring sauce and reading.
Nov 16 2017 (2)

I guess flipping bottles is so last year, but my boys still do it occasionally.  Cal landed this bottle on its side!  Amazing!
Nov 15 2017

One night at scouts the boys helped assemble some metal shelving to go in their scout trailer.  Lee said it was funny because Clark and Cal had theirs assemble long before the other two groups. Go boys!
Nov 15 2017 (3)

Nov 15 2017 (2)

Happy Fall!  I'll show more pictures of the optical when it's officially done!

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