Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everybody!  We enjoyed a fun Halloween this year.  I don't get into Halloween much, but I still enjoy it just the same. 

Elden and Shanna decided for their "costume" they wanted to wear weird contacts.  Their dad delivered.  And they did quite well for them!  Especially with Elden being 8 and his first time wearing them.  Shanna has worn them before just once, and did great as well.  Too bad I can't put them in for them.  I don't wear contacts so I don't know how.  I saw Lee do it and figured I could put them in, but no luck. 

Halloween festivities started off with a tri-unit Fall Festival at a church member's farm. It's a fun event and the second year in the row it's been held.  SO fun!
Oct 28 2017 (5)

Lee was trying to just look not like Lee.  I dubbed him a red-neck Elvis that lived in the mountains.
Oct 28 2017 (6)

Cal was some sort of karate ninja or something....  and Haley was a unicorn. Clark was MIA as he was at yet another marching band competition.
Oct 28 2017 (7)

I love the hay ride! Shanna and Elden wore sunglasses so that when they took them off people would be shocked by their weird eyes.  They tried to dress similarly as well.
Oct 28 2017 (8)

Oct 28 2017 (9)

A stop on the hay ride...a haunted house!
Oct 28 2017 (10)

Games for the kids as well!  Egg walk, I guess.
Oct 28 2017 (11)

Oct 28 2017 (13)

Oct 28 2017 (14)

We even decorated out trunk this year! 
Oct 28 2017 (16)

Oct 28 2017 (17)

Lee hooked up his phone to the Chevy speakers and played spooky sounds from youtube
Oct 28 2017

The kids won a bunch of those little finger lights.  They are always a hit.
Oct 28 2017 (18)

We carved pumpkins when Clark arrived home.  We waited and waited for him...he was home about an hour late.  What was funny is that the kids all wanted to just carve their pumpkins but I wanted to do it as a family. Clark arrives home so the kids are all excited to finally start and Clark says "I don't want to carve one."  Ugh.  We waited all that time just for him!  Well, he changed his mind, thankfully and joined in. Lee carved one for me.  Love that I bought these pumpkins that morning for just $1 each! After pumpkin carving we watched Watcher in the Woods.  FYI--good eclipse movie to watch when the next eclipse comes around!
Oct 28 2017 (19)

Oct 28 2017 (20)

Halloween Eve I was pretty productive!  I finished sewing on merit badges and made sure my boys had the correct ones.
Oct 30 2017 (2)

I also redid the plastic covering on our dining chairs.  Many of the corners had ripped, or come off in the back seat area.  They were just looking bad.  Clark and Lee helped me take the seats on and off.  Thanks guys!
Oct 30 2017 (3)

I also did this sign.  Well, Lois practically did it.  She gave me the already-done board, and cut out the vinyl so I could paint this saying.  Though I forgot to leave in the middle section of the "a" so that there would be a hole there.  I need to fix in.  It looks worse in real person, haha, but it's kind of done.
Oct 30 2017 (4)

And random photo I found as I was cleaning up messy zones.  We don't order school pictures but I thought Clark's turned out nice.
Oct 30 2017

I should have taken more pictures as usually I have loads of them every year, but Monday night some friends came over and we had a little FHE and decorated sugar cookies.  For the FHE lesson one person from each family shared a time when the Spirit warned them or helped them stay safe from danger.  I thought it was kind of Halloween appropriate, ha!  It was neat hearing the experiences.  I made three batches of sugar cookies--Cal was an awesome helper--and we had lots leftover.  Shanna and Haley wanted to bring some to school to share.  My reluctant self did not want to share the awesome homemade cookies with 5th graders.  Do you guys ever get like that?  Sad to say, I know, but it's true. But I thought it out, quickly I might add, and realized that the cookies were already done and then this way we didn't have to figure what the girls should bring to share with their class.  It did work out and there were fewer cookies for Lee and I to eat which isn't a bad thing. 
Oct 30 2017 (5)

Halloween arrived!  Our friends the Peterson's came trick-or-treating with us.  Our downtown does an awesome Hoo-Doo (as they call it) and it's so fun!  Streets are blocked off and the kids look forward to certain things every year.  We had chili before we set out.
Oct 31 2017 (6)

Our neighbors and their fun decor.
Oct 31 2017 (7)

Loved Clark's last minute costume of a homeless Santa.
Oct 31 2017 (8)

Oct 31 2017 (9)

Oct 31 2017 (10)

Lee handed out the glasses in front of his office.  Like I mentioned previously we had just over 600 glasses to hand out.  He ran out in about an hour.  Maybe next year we'll up it and do 700.  One lady at the town office told me that someone handed out 1000 pieces of candy! And she told me that her kids loved the glasses Lee gave them.  So fun!
Oct 31 2017 (11)

Oct 31 2017 (2)

Oct 31 2017 (12)

We ran into Haley's friend and saw she was a unicorn too!
Oct 31 2017 (13)

A garden center in town always hands out a treat plus has two fires and marshmallows to roast.  Super fun.  They also handed out mini-playdoh.  We made this our last stop for the downtown. 
Oct 31 2017 (3)

Oct 31 2017 (5)

The kids went to a few more houses then we watched The Ghost & Mr. Chicken with the Peterson's.  A fun night for sure!

Oh, for school that day Shanna wore the contacts there as well.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Oct 31 2017

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