Thursday, August 17, 2017

Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana & More!

Wow, why does summer fly by so quickly?  Our last big trip came and we were excited to go!

Before we headed out West, we did a few more summer things here in our area. Our friend Stacie invited us to go to the JMU rec center.  They have a fun room with rock climbing, as well as swimming in a different area.
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Aug 1 2017

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My good friend Katherine moved away this August, which was sad.  She came over one night to use my shopvac and hang out.  Gorgeous sunset that night!
Aug 1 2017 a (2)

One summer afternoon Shanna sat here for over a 1/2 hour counting her money and making plans.  Wonder who she gets it from?
Aug 1 2017 Shanna

I wanted to get some new Sunday shoes and ordered two pair from Amazon.  Apparently the order was fulfilled through Zappos.  Well, they completely messed up the order.  It was kind of a fiasco.  If you want details you'll have to call me.  Long, boring story.
Aug 3 2017 (2)

Lee bought about 50 pair of eclipse glasses to hand out for free at his office.  They were snatched up quickly.  He set aside some for us as well. 
Aug 3 2017

Shanna and Haley also got their hair cut professionally for the first time ever!  I think I might keep taking them to this lady.  She did a great job and was really nice, and I loved the price!  I have cut my kids' hair since they were babies.  Think of all that money I've saved, haha.....
Aug 4 2017 (2)

Aug 4 2017

We had a good trip out to Utah!  We made some stops along the way.  First up, lunch with my sister Deb in Iowa.  I didn't think to take any pictures and got this one from Deb.  We had a great time, though it was short!  We drove through the night to go to this point. Then we went on up to Minnesota, arriving about 8pm.
Aug 5 2017

Saturday night we stayed with my good friends, the Bennetts.  We enjoyed visiting with Randy, Rhonda and Erin that evening before bed.  I was excited for Sunday because we went to church in Marshall!  I LOVE the Marshall Branch!  If people here ask me where I'm from I say Minnesota. I was born there, and my parents moved away when I was about 2.  Then we moved back again the end of my 8th grade year.  This is the branch/area where I left to go to college, went on my mission, and spent my first Christmas with Lee after being married.  Loved seeing so many dear people!
Aug 6 2017 (5)

Leo and Shelly Lindquist.
Aug 6 2017 Marshall Leo & Shelly Lindquist

Sue Burnett & Jordan Bennett and son. Sue was one of my young women's leaders for a few years.
Aug 6 2017 Marshall Sue Burnett, Jordan Bennett

Bette Harmon, who is Rhonda's mom.  Bette taught my young women's class at one time.
Aug 6 2017

Rhonda invited us for lunch after church (super yummy roast beef sandwiches!). We enjoyed some more visiting and walked over to see a property they bought near their home and also Erin's house.  Rhonda is Erin's mom.  Her older kids, Erin, Britt, Damian & Jordan were my good friends while "growing up".  
Aug 6 2017 Marshall Erin Hadfield, Rhonda Bennett

We had such a lovely time with Marshall Branch people and members of the Bennett family!  I wanted to go to Dawson where I was born to find the hospital and the land where our residence used to be.  Wow, I forgot how far apart towns are in Minnesota.  They look so close on the map....but they aren't!  Dawson was about an hour or so away.  Maybe 45 minutes?  We found the hospital.  Not sure if any of this is original, but there are two parts so figured one side might have been around when I was born!
Aug 6 2017 (9)

My house was either here......
Aug 6 2017 (8)

Or here.....
Aug 6 2017 (7)

The trip continued on to Jamestown, North Dakota.  We got a great deal at a hotel there.  We had to get two rooms so Lee and the boys took a room and the girls and I took a room.  I didn't call ahead to get connecting rooms, which I should have!

After North Dakota, we entered Montana!  North Dakota and Montana checked off states 47 & 48 for our entire family!  I've been to both these states already.  We already paid for a rental house in Hawaii next year and are excited to check that off the list too!  Alaska will be in 2019!!!
Aug 7 2017 (3)

We also drove through Rexburg, ID where Lee and I attended Rick's College.  Davenport is where I lived my 2nd year.  Not a "nice" apartment for sure, but I had good roommates there and I loved the price!
Aug 7 2017 (2)

Yes, we made it to Utah!  We had a great time hanging out with Roger, Brittany, Sheldon & Ciera.  Roger took a day off of work and we had fun hanging out, going ice skating, eating, going to Brittany's hockey game and more visiting.  Super fun.  Thanks guys! 
Aug 8 2017 (2)

And Clark grew some more!  Much more that they had to hold the level in place!
Aug 8 2017

I should have taken a picture of breakfast but didn't.  Monday night Sheldon and Ciera took our kids to spend the night at their place (and stay up till all hours playing games, haha).  We met up with them the next morning and ate breakfast at this yummy place called Hruska's Kolaches.  So good!  It like eating this big stuffed yummy baked scone for breakfast.  We hung out that morning at BYU...mainly the bookstore.  Thanks guys for humoring us at the bookstore and letting us use your student ID Sheldon! It was fun seeing their apartment on Center Street.  We also had lunch together.  Wish we could have spent more time with Roger, Brittany and Sheldon & Ciera!  It was a short trip up their way.
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Aug 9 2017

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Aug 9 2017 (6)

Stay tuned...Robertson Reunion 2017 is next!

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