Friday, September 15, 2017

Lee's Birthday! (And Labor Day!)

Lee is yet another year old, and wiser too.  I think I am safe to say he's had a great year.  Now he is 37 like me and that much closer to 40!

This is the only picture we took that evening, but we went to the Black Friar's Playhouse to see Sense & Sensibility with some friends.  So good!  They are doing Emma in the spring and I am excited to go!  Shanna tagged along with us, though we should have left her home.  She seemed a bit bored towards the end.
Sept 1 2017

This awesome guy had a birthday!!!  The kids were so excited it was Lee's birthday!  Lee is looking for a new eye doctor (if you know one looking for a job please let us know!) so his hours are a bit more crazy.  He is working Saturdays and went in to work on his birthday.  Labor Day was coming up and we decided to celebrate then.  But we had some gift opening the morning of his birthday.
Sept 2 2017 (3)

So sweet.  I am very blessed to have Lee as the father of our kids! And I can't remember what Clark got him! Oops.
Sept 4 2017 (3)

Cal bought Lee a TON of candy.  It was super cute.  Plus, he saved up and he and I went in on a Lego set for Lee. Though Cal paid for more than half of it.  Cal and Lee spent some time during Cal's date building it.
Sept 2 2017 (4)

After work on Lee's birthday, we headed to the temple for our monthly temple trip.  Lee liked the way the light filtered through the window on Shanna.
Sept 2 2017 (5)

I also started early on Lee & Lois' birthday un-cakes: chocolate mousse torte.  SO YUMMY.
Sept 2 2017

Lois and family and my parents came Sunday. We spent Sunday evening and Labor Day together.  My brothers Darrell and Daniel and families joined us on Monday.  We had already eaten so before my parents arrived, I set the table just for them for Sunday dinner. We did this a couple times for my parents growing up...tried to set the table fancy for them and let them eat by themselves.
Sept 3 2017

Sept 3 2017 (2)

Labor Day came and that meant Lee celebrating his birthday and Lois celebrating on her actual birthday!  Lee took a ride up on Massanutten.

Sept 4 2017 (2)

Sept 4 2017

We loved having so many family members here.  Party time!
Sept 4 2017 (4)

Sept 4 2017 (5)

Sept 4 2017 (7)

Sept 4 2017 (8)

Sept 4 2017 (9)

Reed bought Lois several little kid gifts.  It was pretty funny.
Sept 4 2017 (11)

Sept 4 2017 (13)

Sept 4 2017 (16)

My oldest niece on my side went to college!!!  Her parents dropped off her siblings and took off with her to Idaho, driving, to get her settled into her apartment.  I hope she loves it at BYU-I!
Sept 4 2017 (17)

Some more candy from me, because he didn't get enough.
Sept 4 2017 (18)

Daniel not so sure about the awkward pose Darrell wanted him to do....
Sept 4 2017 (20)

Sept 4 2017 (19)

Sept 4 2017 (21)

The torte was amazing!
Sept 4 2017 (23)

Our apple tree did well again this year!  We ate up all the apples.  And they didn't last long!
Sept 4 2017 (24)

After company left that evening we did a short game of bean-boozeled with those gross and good jelly beans that look alike. Lizzy, Anthon and Rachel stayed with us for 9 days.
Sept 3 2017 (3)

Sept 4 2017 (26)

Sept 4 2017 (27)

Sept 4 2017 (28)

Sept 4 2017 (30)

Sept 4 2017 (31)

We saw this interested VW-on-a-bus.  Quite the ride!
Sept 5 2017 (2)

Sept 5 2017

And more random pictures....the guy at the gas station occasionally gives the kids ice pops.  Very fun!
Sept 5 2017 (3)

Cal and Clark have done well keep their clothes neatly folded the Kon Mari method.  Now for the rest of the room......
Sept 5 2017 (5)

Sept 6 2017 (2)

Sept 6 2017 (3)

Sept 6 2017

We had a nice time with Lizzy, Anthon and Rachel here.  Not much happened while they were here and hopefully they weren't too bored.  I was pretty boring during the day, just doing my own thing.  Anthon often came with me to run errands.  Lizzy and Anthon enjoyed going to seminary with Clark, and Tara was so kind to let them attend!  The end of the visit Anthon had a bad asthma attack and my friend Brittany came to the rescue with the nebulizer she owns for her son. That all turned out well and he is doing great.  Wow, summer feels officially over with Labor Day, though I do like to hold on to the fact that it didn't really end till September 21st.  How was your Labor Day?  Hope you did something fun!

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