Wednesday, September 27, 2017

15 Years and Counting!

Wow, 15 years of marriage has come to a close!  Overall it's been a good 15 years.  We've had our ups and downs and trials and struggles for sure.  But it's great to be where we are at now and keep looking towards the future!  Even though 15 years is more of a milestone anniversary, with other goals we have going on we didn't plan anything big.  At all.  We did have one trip planned, then decided to try and go to Europe. We found round trip tickets to London for $250 each!!! But then I waited till the next day and the tickets were gone.  In the end we decided to go out to eat for our date.

Lee surprised me with flowers and chocolate!  I really wasn't expecting this, ha ha.  It was so fun!
Sept 21 2017 (6)

Sometimes there is extra money in the kids' job money bag.  And sometimes I go through it to see how much and use some of it on groceries, ha ha.
Sept 21 2017 (7)

Lee snapped this street view picture of where Clark goes to seminary.  Lee often goes running when he drops off Clark, or goes on a bike ride.
Sept 21 2017

And our date!  We ate at Hank's BBQ, which is quite yummy!  I LOVE their pork nachos!!!
Sept 22 2017 (2)

Sept 22 2017 (19)

We went to the football game for a few minutes to see Clark perform at half-time. It was their best performance yet! Then hit up the grocery store for some ice cream. It was a fun evening and great weather.
Sept 22 2017 (5)

Sooo, not a lot of drama, but that was our 15 year celebration!  We want to plan something big for number 20.

Field trip season started.  I went with the girls to JMU for a Challenge field trip about wind.  Haley is in Challenge but not Shanna.  It's so sweet because the Challenge teacher invites Shanna to join in on extra activities since they are twins. She doesn't go to the Challenge instruction during the day at school, but participates in after school things or field trips.
Sept 22 2017 (11)

Look what we spotted Sheldon!
Sept 22 2017 (12)

The kids had their own challenge to make a windmill and make one that could carry weight and wind up the weighted item.  Not sure how to explain....... The windmill had to turn and while turning also wind up an object connected by string to the windmill.
Sept 22 2017 (13)

Sept 22 2017 (14)

See the cup at the end of the string?  That had to be pulled up when the blades turned.

Sept 22 2017 (15)

Sept 22 2017 (17)

For our sister's weekend Stephanie gave us all a super fun goodie bag.  In it were actual ears of popping corn and instructions on how to pop it in the microwave.  It was so fun and so good! Shanna is buttering an ear of corn and next to her is a bag of popped corn, and the empty bag for the buttered ear of corn.  I need to get a few of these!  They are so fun!
Sept 22 2017 (18)

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