Thursday, December 8, 2016


Right after Thanksgiving we jumped into the wonderful Christmas season.  I wish it were longer, it goes by so quickly!  This year my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, encouraged us to do a service each day, leading up to Christmas, and use the hashtag, #LIGHTtheWORLD when posting on social media. There were a few service things I wanted to do anyway, and it was a great experience for our family.  I posted everyday about what service we did--hopefully people weren't annoyed. It was a good way for me to document our 25 days of service too.  I don't have all of the service activities on here, but we did something everyday!  Sometimes a day had a couple of service opportunities.  Something that helped was that I was already done Christmas shopping.  I love shopping, which helps, but it was great to have Christmas shopping pretty much done by December 1.  I didn't get everything wrapped by then, but I did have a few things shipped and everything purchased.  I am hoping to have an even better head start next year!

Our very first service was to ring the bell for the Salvation Army.  The set-up is pretty sweet as it's indoors!
Dec 1 2016 (2)

Dec 1 2016 (4)

Dec 1 2016 (5)

This isn't a service, but we loved doing the advent calendar that Lois made for me last Christmas. 
Dec 1 2016

We purchased some items for a refugee family that my friend Brittany was working with.  The family recently moved into a house and needed some supplies. 
Dec 2 2016 (2)

One day after school Cal beat me home.  He said he fell asleep on the front porch, poor kid. 
Dec 2 2016

We raked a couple of times in December. My kids get pretty excited to rake because we don't have any trees.  Well, we have one small apple tree.
Dec 3 2016

Dec 3 2016 (2)

Dec 3 2016 (6)

Dec 3 2016 (5)

Dec 3 2016 (7)

Dec 3 2016 (8)

A little thing I did for the cub scouts was wrap their pinewood derby cars, and gave them a candy cane.  I also gave them a second candy cane to give to someone as a Secret Santa gift.  Lee actually handed everything out for me one night at cub scouts. The boys had no idea what was in the wrapped box, and were super excited to hand out the candy cane to someone.
Dec 4 2016 (2)

We did a Secret Santa run one night.  No, not going to tell what we did either!
Dec 4 2016 (3)

December brings tithing settlement and we had a nice visit with the Bishop.  The kids played a catching game in the hallway while waiting.
Dec 4 2016

Someone's picture of their Lego creation.
Dec 5 2016 (2)

Another service we did was visit this sweet lady Mae Francis.  Lee bought the optometry practice from her husband. Both of them are in their 90s now. 
Dec 5 2016

One night we wrote thank-you notes to people.
Dec 6 2016 (2)

Dec 6 2016

I did some prep work for my family for a "fancy" Christmas dinner.  I went through my utensils and found out which replacement items were needed.  As of right now every utensil belongs to a set!
Dec 7 2016 (3)

Another Secret Santa run....
Dec 7 2016 (4)

I made some holiday pillow cases one night.  Next year I want to add more to the collection. The center pillow is a Christmas red....not a dark hot pink...
Dec 8 2016 (2)

We wrote other notes a different night, including our missionaries!
Dec 8 2016 (3)

I guess I did a few projects this month...I also repainted this frame and matte.  We also had a new door put in, but more photos on that later. We hope you all had a wonderful time serving others this holiday season!  It a wonderful time a year celebrating our biggest gift of all, God's son, Jesus Christ.
Dec 8 2016

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