Thursday, December 15, 2016

Chirstmas Events

Along with family holiday traditions, come holiday concerts and events too!  The kids had their Christmas concert the middle of the month.





Cal walked right up and played his first song memorized.  So cool!  Haley messed up, which surprised me as she plays the song great at home.  Though I know there are recital gitters. In 2018 Elden will be joining the ranks in piano!
Dec 11 2016 (7)

Dec 11 2016 (8)

Some other service pictures...more letter writing expressing thanks.
Dec 11 2016 (9)

And another Secret Santa run.
Dec 12 2016

Elden had a 2nd grade Christmas program.  That night the kids held open the doors for people attending the program.
Dec 13 2016 (2)

Dec 13 2016 (3)

Dec 13 2016 (4)

Dec 13 2016 (5)

Dec 13 2016 (6)

Dec 13 2016 (7)

Elden had a speaking part and did a nice job. It was fun seeing him up there. I was quite surprised too that he even wanted to volunteer for a speaking part.  He flat out refused to participate in some dancing that the 2nd graders learned/performed for an American Indian program.
Dec 13 2016 (10)

Dec 13 2016 (9)

Dec 13 2016 (11)

Dec 13 2016 (12)

Dec 13 2016 (13)

Also the middle schoolers, Clark and Cal, had a Winter Band Concert. 
Dec 14 2016 (5)

Can you spot Clark?  He was a good sport and played in the 6th grade band too.  I don't think they have any baritone players in that grade. By the way, Clark tried out for district band, and was selected!  I guess it's a somewhat hard audition.
Dec 14 2016 (6)

There is Cal!  I am sure you can tell, but he chose to play the trumpet in band.
Dec 14 2016 (7)

Dec 14 2016 (9)

The middle schoolers!  Hmm...just noticed Cal has brown shoes on.....
Dec 14 2016 (10)

Another service activity we donated some toys and clothes.
Dec 14 2016 (12)

Lee has been having problems with his thermostat at work.  He switched it out for a new one, but turns out that wasn't the problem.  Lee likes his new thermostat though.
Dec 14 2016

I make copies every week at school and I love it.  The teachers were so sweet and gave me these fun Christmas goodies!
Dec 15 2016 (2)

Another night the kids helped Lee with a plaque to recognize the young women in our ward who completed their Young Women in Excellence. 
Dec 15 2016 (3)

Dec 15 2016 (4)

Dec 15 2016 (5)

Dec 15 2016 (7)

Dec 15 2016 (10)

Another holiday event I look forward to is Lee's work party.  We don't do anything big, but we treat the team members to dinner and gave them a card and a gift. I finally bought a new, somewhat dressy outfit! 
Dec 15 2016 (9)

Shanna had mismatch day at school.  So did the other kids too, ha ha.  Shanna did more of a half & half day.
Dec 15 2016

One other service the kids did was helping out their siblings. Mainly it was putting away their stuff that should have been put away anyway....
Dec 16 2016 (2)

Dec 16 2016 (3)

This year for the ward Christmas event, we had a breakfast, which was so fun!  We were invited to wear pjs too so we got out our Christmas pjs early.  While we ate some of the kids went up and played their Christmas recital songs. 
Dec 17 2016 (2)

We won the award for best matching pjs.  I also sang in a sextet, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas".  It was a challenging a capella piece, but it turned out great and I think we did a nice job. My friend Brittany hunted down the music and got us all together for practices.  It was fun joining it!
Dec 17 2016 (4)

My mom sent the kids these cute "mini" scarves for Christmas, that my niece Ila made for her.  Lee's parents also sent the kids some cute ornaments.  I never got a picture with them and their ornaments though.  I am going to have to remember to do this next year.
Dec 11 2016 (2)

The same afternoon (after the ward breakfast) we went to the stake center to get some holiday food for some members in our congregation. We did some shopping too, beforehand.
Dec 17 2016 (3)

Dec 17 2016 (5)

Dec 17 2016

That night Lee and I enjoyed being at my friend Tara's holiday party.  It was adults only and we had a fun night visiting and eating goodies.  Tara has so many fun holiday decorations too, which is always a treat to see.
Dec 17 2016 (6)

Not very Christmas-y, but the boys had a year-end court of honor.  Clark was able to plan out the court of honor for a merit badge.  Clark received some merit badges and is almost Life scout (one merit badge left!).  Cal received his Tenderfoot and a merit badge. He is so close to being done with 2nd class, but the whole camping bit is holding him up.
Dec 18 2016 (2)

Shanna's selfie.
Dec 18 2016

The second to last day of school the kids do a sing-a-long at school which I think is so fun.  I've never really gone to one, and missed the whole first half.  But I stayed and sat with Elden.  At the very end I was able to listen to Shanna and Haley sing in the combined choir.
Dec 19 2016 (2)

Dec 19 2016 (3)

Dec 19 2016 (4)

Later that day the 4th graders had a multiplication award ice cream party.  If you passed multiplication up to 12, you got all of toppings.  Haley made it to her 12s and Shanna her 11s.
Dec 19 2016 (5)

Dec 19 2016 (6)

I texted Lee and told him to come down if he had a moment and get some ice cream. He had a moment!
Dec 19 2016 (7)

This is a new tradition I want to do: caroling at the nursing home.  We've actually done it two other times I believe while living here, but we need to make it consistent.  It was so fun, and even better going with other people.  Banita and her kids joined us for the evening.
Dec 19 2016 (8)

Dec 19 2016 (9)

Dec 19 2016 (10)

Dec 19 2016 (11)

Dec 19 2016 (12)

Dec 19 2016 (13)

Whew, are you tired yet?  I can't believe everything we did.  And Christmas is still to come!  What great season!

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