Friday, May 20, 2016

School Fun

We've participated in a few school activities lately.   The girls and Elden each had more field trips that aren't documented here, as I didn't go on them.  But to document what we've been up to on the school end:

Cal's Spring Concert.  It was a fun concert where the fifth graders played xylophones.  They had each piece memorized too.
April 19 2016 Cal Fifth Grade Concert

April 19 2016 Cal Fifth Grade Concert (3)

April 19 2016 Cal Fifth Grade Concert (2)

I didn't even think about Cal dressing up!  Lee got the memo though....
April 19 2016 Cal Fifth Grade Concert (4)

I went with the girls to Carter Mountain for a learning field trip that was all about soil: composting, absorption and chemical make-up.
April 19 2016 Carter Mountain

Carter Mountain is an apple orchard.  They treated us to apple donuts, apple cider (thanks to our field trip fee!) and a wagon ride through the orchard.
April 19 2016 Carter Mountain (4)

April 19 2016 Carter Mountain (5)

April 19 2016 Carter Mountain (6)

My random photo: I sent some fun packages!  There are a lot of birthdays in May!
April 20 2016

As you probably know I go to the school once a week and make copies for several teachers.  I really enjoy helps that I know the copy machine so well now!  This particular time I changed the toner.  Very easy.
April 21 2016 (2)

April 21 2016

Some of the teachers gave me some fun gifts for volunteering this year.  They are so thoughtful!
April 21 2016 (3)

I am getting close to 150 hours of volunteering this year!
April 21 2016 (4)

One of the gifts from a teacher was a giftcard to a local restaurant.  Lee and I had fun using it one day for lunch.  Yum, love calzones.
April 21 2016 (5)

I snuck in one more field trip with Elden.  I could have gone on the last one, but just didn't want to.  They went to a trampoline place that our family recently went to. Hopefully Elden didn't mind too much! Anyway, the field trip we went on was to the JMU Planetarium.  It's a pretty cool presentation and sometime it would be fun to attend their star gazing activities in the evenings.

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