Saturday, May 21, 2016

Jumping & Playing Around

So parts of this post aren't chronological, but that is the great thing about my blog...I get to arrange it as I please! 

A few family fun activities....

We went to a trampoline place in Charlottesville on their Family Night.  When we first arrived just one girl was jumping.  She soon left and we had the entire place to ourselves.  At one point we played a couple of rounds of capture the flag with the family.  Even a couple of workers joined in.  I think that was my favorite part of the night! Of course I took pictures....
April 26 2016 Jump (2)

April 26 2016 Jump (3)

April 26 2016 Jump (4)

April 26 2016 Jump (5)

April 26 2016 Jump (6)

April 26 2016 Jump (7)

April 26 2016 Jump

April 26 2016 Jump (9)





For a cute fundraiser, a middle school group "flamingoed" us.  We had to "pay a fee" to have them removed.  I paid extra to have them moved to Lee's office!  There is a tiny plot of landscaping under his sign in town, and they put the flamingos there.  We aren't pros at our lawn...but are making a tiny effort this year.  I think the flamingos ate some dandelions, don't you?

Yummy eats.

I started doing a sock folding "game" with just one child, and would rotate through the kids having them help me (except Clark as he does his own laundry).  Now they all want to join in and play the "sock game".  So cute.


A member of our congregation is in a rehab facility.  We've been wanting to visit him for awhile and finally did for family home evening one night.  Thanks to my friend Brittany (who had gone on the same trip--thanks!) I knew that there was a custard stand nearby.  Yummy treat.
May 9 2016 (2)

May 9 2016

We let Elden be in charge of the "game" for that same family home evening and he wanted to fly paper airplanes.  Also nearby we found this dead-end and it was the perfect spot.
May 9 2016 (4)

May 9 2016 (3)

Lastly, the boys had their spring piano recital!  They did a nice job.  And even though their music is out they both had their pieces memorized.

Weird lighting and shadows, but here is the picture I picked from the lot.  I love going to their recitals.  Next year we'll have four kids in piano!  Shanna and Haley start this summer. 
May 16 2016 Spring Recital (4)

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