Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pinewood Derby!

I am the new Cubmaster for our cub scout troop at church.  It's been a challenge starting this calling and I'm still figuring things out.  I think I will be the entire time!  I was put in at a crazy time--just two weeks before the Pinewood Derby.  Thankfully it all went well and I received lots of help from Lee and others.  I'm so grateful for willing helpers!

The night before the derby we went bowling with some friends and had ice cream beforehand.  It was a fun night!
March 18 2016 (5)

March 18 2016 (6)

On to the Pinewood Derby...Lee helped me make some "trophies" with some scrap wood.
March 18 2016

March 18 2016 (3)

I made some candy cars for each boy that participated as well.
March 18 2016 (2)

Time to race!
March 19 2016 (2)

March 19 2016 (6)

March 19 2016 (7)

March 19 2016 (9)

March 19 2016 (10)

After the cub scouts raced and our meeting ended, the activity day girls raced cars they had made.  Shanna and Haley enjoyed racing.
March 19 2016 (11)

Initially Cal won third place for the derby, but two boys were tied for second place.  That pushed Cal to fourth place.  He was disappointed, and maybe more so because it was his last derby.
March 19 2016

March 19 2016 (19)

March 19 2016 (20)

March 19 2016 (21)

After we did a little shopping.  Shanna wanted to go to a shoe store and try on shoes.  No purchases made here, sorry Shanna.
March 19 2016 (22)

Some rolls I made at some point...they were perfect!
March 19 2016 (23)

Lee started mountain biking with a group of guys, and on his first ride with them, his bike broke. And he got a flat tire. Poor guy!  Thankfully he was able to fix it, and for not much money too.
March 21 2016 (2)

Along the cub scout lines....I finally finished my training!  Lots of segment-video watching!
March 21 2016

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