Friday, March 25, 2016

Elden Turns 7!

Wow, my baby is already 7!  Seven is my favorite number, so I'm somewhat partial to the age.  Elden requested a BB-8 cake, so I did the best I could.  It would have been awesome to have used a spherical cake pan.  But I improvised with what I had on hand.
March 10 2016 BB-8 (2)

March 10 2016 BB-8 (3)

March 10 2016 BB-8 (4)

March 10 2016 BB-8 (5)

It didn't look so bad once put together.  After sitting overnight it did sag some.  Elden still loved it though, which was the goal anyway. The night before his birthday I was feeling somewhat crummy, and even skipped out on attending our penultimate class for FPU.  Thankfully Lee headed it up.  I finally felt better around the afternoon of Elden's birthday.  And it probably was the fact that Cal prayed for me to get better while he was at school that day.  So sweet.
March 10 2016 BB-8 (6)

Here is the big birthday boy!  Elden is doing well in school and to my delight, isn't the smallest kid in class either!  It was a couple of years before Elden made the growth charts.  Not that I put much into them. But when your baby isn't even in the 5th percentile, or even 1st percentile, but negative zero-eth percentile, it was kind of nice when he could be tracked on the charts!  We are very blessed with his terrific health, good mind and kind spirit. His teachers have said a few times how Elden gets along with everyone at school, and is well behaved. Elden sometimes asks about his twin, which is sweet.  He's convinced the twin is a boy.  Maybe someday we'll find out!
March 11 2016 Elden 7th Bday (2)

Me trying to re-arrange BB-8s saggy-ness!
March 11 2016 Elden 7th Bday (4)

March 11 2016 Elden 7th Bday (5)

March 11 2016 Elden 7th Bday (6)

Elden brought popsicles to school for a treat and I met him for a little bit during his lunch.  That night our friends Mindy and Andrew came for dinner and the party.  It's been fun including them in on our kids' birthdays as they don't have any children of their own.  Elden's friend Kaden, and his family came for the party.  It was so great having them there.  Kaden's dad is into mountain biking too and he and Lee went on a ride the other week.  (Too bad on Lee's decent down he must have hit a rock or something and broke a couple things on his bike....)
March 11 2016 Elden 7th Bday (9)

March 11 2016 Elden 7th Bday (10)

March 11 2016 Elden 7th Bday (12)

March 11 2016 Elden 7th Bday (13)

March 11 2016 Elden 7th Bday (14)

The fun $2 bill from Grandma and Grandpa Bartholomew.  Elden received three books from the Frankes--we are currently reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle, a Lego set from his friend, a Lego set from us, and a Lego NexoKnight too.  Cal and Haley emptied the dishwasher for him that morning. Cal gave him some Pokemon drawings he sketched himself.  Haley bought him some treats (juice pouches and cheese puffs) and Haley bought some Pop Rocks and mega Smarties for him too.  As you can tell, Haley likes to show love by giving gifts.  I am very much the same.  I love sending packages!  Ask my siblings. Oh, and he requested a Puma lunchbox, and we delivered.  It's kind of funny, Elden knows "brand" names of things, when Clark barely learned what Nike was back in 3rd and 4th grade! Interesting how that all pans out...
March 11 2016 Elden 7th Bday (18)

Happy 7th, my sweet Elden.  Can't believe you are getting baptized next year! 

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Melissa S. said...

That cake is SO impressive. Seriously.....I had no idea what a BB-8 was, then when it was done I totally knew from pictures around stores. I can't believe he's 7 either!!!!! I remember following along when you were in the hospital forever with him!!!!!