Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Anthon's Ordination

My nephew Anthon turned 12 over a week ago and we headed down to North Carolina for the wonderful weekend.  When worthy young men turn 12 in the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints they receive the priesthood of God, the Aaronic priesthood. The same priesthood Aaron, Moses' brother, held that we read about in the Bible.  We believe in the same organization of Christ's church that existed in the Bible with apostles, prophets, and teachers and so forth.  Click here to read 13 brief statements about my beliefs...the 13 Articles of Faith.

We were able to be with Anthon on his birthday! Daniel is the third oldest of my siblings and it's always fun hanging out with his family. I wanted to leave right at 5am or earlier and we left at 5:04 (or something around there) so not too far off.  We arrived at Daniel's ahead of schedule which was nice.  It takes just under four hours to get there.  After breakfast and changing clothes, we all headed to Adventure landing to have some serious birthday fun!

First up, go-karts.
Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (20)

We thought all of our kids would be able to go on the go-karts by themselves...we've never been on go-karts before so I had no idea!  Apparently there are height restrictions. We finally figured something out.  Clark went by himself, and Lee and Cal went together.
Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (21)

On a different round I drove with Haley, Lee took Shanna, and Elden went with my Dad.
Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (10)

It's a far away picture, but I love Elden's face on this one! He was so excited to ride with Grandpa!
Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (13)

Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (14)

Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (15)

Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (19)

Clark and Anthon are about 7 months apart. It's always fun to have cousins close to your age.
Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (12) f

Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (8)

Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (9)

There was an arcade at Adventure Landing too. In addition to "buying" a bunch of tokens with Daniel, Lee and I got some too with the other tickets we bought that day. We had LOTS of tokens and every got 35 each--even my parents!
Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (6)

Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (5)

Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (4)

They had lazer tag and mini-golf too.
Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (3)

Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing (2)

For several of the arcade games if you win you get these paper tickets.  When you're done playing you redeem the tickets for cheapy prizes or candy.  Pretty fun! The kids had a great time here!
Jan 10 2015 Adventure Landing

That afternoon we had lunch, had a great time visiting, enjoyed Bob the gecko and Lee and I went on a mini date to Aldi and Arby's.
Jan 10 2015 Daniel's

Jan 10 2015 Daniel's (2)

Jan 10 2015 Daniel's (3)

Athon's birthday party was after lunch!
Jan 10 2015 Daniel's (4)

Amy got a great deal on some spray frosting and Anthon enjoyed decorating his birthday cake.
Jan 10 2015 Daniel's (5)

Jan 10 2015 Daniel's (6)

The next day at church Anthon received the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained to the office of a Deacon. We're so proud of you Anthon! We loved being in Raleigh that weekend. I also went to Young Women for a little bit with Ila and Lizzy, which I enjoyed.  The young women even sang a welcome song to me! Sunday night we arrived home about 9?  Can't remember.  On Friday the girls mentioned to their teacher that we were going to Raleigh.  I saw her in the hallway at school and she seemed surprised that we were going so far in one weekend.  I told her "It's only 4 hour hours away!"  Ha ha.  Thanks for the great weekend Daniel and Amy!
Jan 11 2015 Anthon Ordination

And to finish off with the random stuff.  Sharp Shopper had 1 ounce packs of cheese 8/$1.  I bought a bunch and shredded them for some meals.  Great price!
Jan 12 2015

Our run-down looking porch is in the process of getting a makeover!  Guess it will be a long time before it's finished as concrete paint should be used only when it's above 50 degrees so it can cure properly.
Jan 13 2015 (3)

The rusted railing is gone though, along with the old, worn fake grass!
Jan 13 2015 (2)

It looks only slightly better than this right now.  The concrete is in rough shape. Tim (the guy who is doing the project for us) will be installing black railing for us.  And to think we wanted this done before Thanksgiving!  Too bad we didn't do it sooner when it was warmer out. 
Jan 13 2015

My parents also stopped by for lunch last week the kids had a "snow" day.  Well, there really wasn't much snow!  It was fun being with them at Daniel's and seeing them again a couple of days later.
Jan 14 2015 (2)

Jan 14 2015 (3)

The kids enjoyed being outside though!
Jan 14 2015 (6)

The snowman Haley "built" from the several feet of snow that we got, ha ha.  It looks more like a cute mole to me though.
Jan 14 2015 (4)

Wow, blizzard conditions for sure!
Jan 14 2015 (5)

Another group photo.  Clark and Cal gave my parents their own piano concert too.
Jan 14 2015

Happy Winter!

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Anonymous said...

I love the snowmole! It is adorable. It also looks like you had so much fun in Raleigh. I wish we could have been there.