Monday, January 12, 2015

35th Birthday & New Years

Well, it came!  My 35th birthday!  It's kind of weird that I am creeping closer to 40.  I had a nice birthday.  We hung out at Darrell's house, I went running, and after lunch we went to "Kids' Castle".  Now is this a castle playground, or what?!
Dec 30 2014 Kids' Castle (3)

Dec 30 2014 Kids' Castle

Dec 30 2014 Kids' Castle (4)

It was cold out that day (okay, in the 20s, but it seems I become more sensitive to the cold each year!), but that didn't stop the kids from running around and having a blast.  I did a little running around myself which helped to warm me up.  The inside was pretty neat with lots of places to explore.  There was also a ramp slide which was made up of several ramps on which you could slide all the way to the bottom of the play area on.  One of those ramps is behind Joseph.
Dec 30 2014 Kids' Castle (5)

Dec 30 2014 Kids' Castle (6)

Dec 30 2014 Kids' Castle (7)

Dec 30 2014 Kids' Castle (8)

Lee made lasagna for my birthday dinner.  We had a couple other sides too and Stacie contributed a yummy salad.  Instead of birthday cake I made cookies bars using a cake mix.  Normally Lee makes my birthday cake, but I like baking and didn't mind making them.  (I was the one who volunteered.)  Yep, I have 35 candles crammed onto two cookie bar squares.  We wrapped a rubber band around the candles so they would stay up as the cookie bars weren't giving the candles enough support.  Ha ha. I had a nice big flame!
Dec 30 2014 35th birthday (2)

Present time!  In addition to getting presents from my family, all of Darrell and Stacie's kids gave me a present, and Lois gave me some super cute earrings. 
Dec 30 2014 35th birthday (3)

I love that quite a few of us can be together for part of the holidays. And, I must say, I love having my birthday after Christmas. 
Dec 30 2014 35th birthday (5)

Dec 30 2014 35th birthday (6)

The night of my birthday we watched a Hallmark movie, "Hitched for the Holidays". It was really cute.  One part we all busted up laughing, where a guy lit a Menorah and then blew it out. Needless to say the Jewish family was quite shocked.  We totally weren't expecting that--well, I wasn't. 

It's one big party when Darrell and I get together over New Year's.  His birthday is the 29th, mine the 30th, with our New Year's Eve party the 31st! One New Year's Eve we spent a couple hours at their church building playing games.  Dodge ball was very popular.  And to backtrack, that morning the adults and a few of the kids went shopping to a thrift store, (I bought my kids snow pants for the first time ever!) Five Below, and a mall.  Almost bought a Fossil wallet at the mall.  Kind of wish I would have bought it.  Next time, right?
Dec 31 2014

We had a fun party that night after a yummy dinner of bean dip and salad.  I love bean dip!  We didn't have all the traditional New Year's Eve party foods, but I made sure we had A&W root beer, and a blue cheese, cheese ball.  Katie made some delicious fudge and Lois and Jeff made a fun bree/apple dip.  Sorry...don't know what it was called!   All the kids loved the cheese ball. We played a couple of games that night too.  The "Frozen" matching game it quite the challenge! We played another game which was fun, but I can't remember the name.  We also watched "You're So Cupid".  It was cheesy, but cute.  By the way, if you have Netflix, don't ever waste your life on "Switchmas".  Please, please don't.  Ha ha.
Dec 31 2014 (2)

Things got pretty crazy at night with the youngin's drinking root beer!
Dec 31 2014 (3)

Dec 31 2014 (4)

We had quite the crew up at midnight! It was fun watching the ball drop.
Dec 31 2014 (5)

The obligatory New Year's kiss.  Not that I mind one bit!
Dec 31 2014 (7)

Dec 31 2014 (8)

My brother Roger called me from Utah just after midnight.  Here I am in 2015, talking to people back in 2014! A few of us stayed up way too late.  Some of the boy cousins were up till just after 3:30 playing a racing game. They were being so giggly.  Hmmm...wonder why.  And I have no idea how I know they were up till 3:30.....ha ha.
Jan 1 2015 Roger on phone

As always we had a fun time at Darrell & Stacie's.  We took off later that afternoon.  Clark stayed behind as we were going to see Darrell and Stacie the next day.  We saw our good friends the Doller's at their house, before going home.  They moved to Utah, boo hoo.  Wish they were still here, but I hope things go great for them in Utah.  We arrived home about 9:30 that night and got everything unloaded and unpacked, with the van swept out.  That was nice! 

Happy, happy New Year everyone!  Always an exciting time.  Can't believe I'll be 37 next year!

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Nostrebor said...

Happy Birthday!!! And that picture where we are kissing is funny b/c of the way Elden is staring up at us.