Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Happenings

I hope all of you are having a great Christmas season!  We've been enjoying fun family times and lots of great concerts.

Every Christmas Lee does a little Christmas party for his team members at work.  We don't do anything big, but he does take them out to eat.  I love tagging along!  We went to Ciro's again this year, like last.  It is a very delicious restaurant here in town.  We enjoyed visiting too with his team members. 
Dec 18 2014 (2)

After dinner we stopped at Lee's office.  He showed me the "gift" ClearVision gave him.  Cupcake papers, ha ha.  I guess there is some sort of baking contest or something associated with them.  Not sure.  I will use them though!
Dec 18 2014 (3)

My last copying at school for 2014!  I go in once a week and make copies for ten teachers.
Dec 18 2014

It's been so fun seeing fuel prices go down.  I remember fuel being $1.99 in Memphis and being kind of surprised at it.  I really never thought I would ever see $1.99 again for fuel! I do remember fuel being $0.99 my first Christmas break home from college--December of 1998.
Dec 19 2014 (2)

I always notice when the milk expiration date is on my birthday.  I'll be 35 soon!
Dec 19 2014

Last weekend we decided to stay at Lois'.  We did our monthly temple trip and enjoyed staying Sunday too. For church her ward (aka congregation) had their Christmas program.  It was fun seeing Lois sing in the choir.  It was a nice service.

Lee and Rhett always have a good time together.
Dec 20 2014 Lee Rhett

Sunday evening Lois, Lee and I went to the visitors' center next to the Washington DC temple to get tickets for a performance.  Sandra Turley sang that night, along with her family performing too.  She play Cozette on Broadway in Les Mis.  At first when we arrived at the visitors' center we were practically the only ones there.  Well, it filled up fast at the tickets for the concert were gone about a half hour later.  We were the first in line to get them.  I picked up some for my friend Risa.  Thankfully we were able to meet up with Risa and her family right before the performance and they were able to see it too.  It was great being there.  I served in a visitor center similar to this one on my mission.  In Los Angeles there is a visitor center behind the Los Angeles Temple on Santa Monica Boulevard.  Love going there at Christmas time!
Dec 21 2014 DC Visitors' Center

There is a nativity scene outside that is always nice to see.
Dec 21 2014 DC Visitors' Center (2)

Very fun lights everywhere!
Dec 21 2014 DC Visitors' Center (3)

Ah, love that temple. 
Dec 21 2014 DC Visitors' Center (4)

And love that man.
Dec 21 2014 DC Visitors' Center (5)

Dec 21 2014 DC Visitors' Center (6)

Dec 21 2014 DC Visitors' Center (7)

Dec 21 2014 DC Visitors' Center (9)

Jeff met us later with his kids and Clark and Cal.  We figured it would be easier if just some of us were waiting at the visitor center before the performance than all of us.  It gets pretty crazy there during the performances!
Dec 21 2014 DC Visitors' Center (10)

Dec 21 2014 DC Visitors' Center (11)

The kids' Christmas break started last week when they were out early on Friday. On Monday Clark and Cal went to the store and bought sardines.  They love that stuff.  They need to eat them outside or in the laundry room though.  I don't like the smell.
Dec 22 2014 (2)

The kids also started buying slime.  Not sure how long it will last (meaning when will Mom finally throw it away!).  So far they've been pretty responsible with it by mainly playing with it at the table.
Dec 22 2014

On Tuesday the kids helped me make some coconut centers.  I love Mounds and Almond Joys.  The homemade ones are just as yummy.  Probably even better!  I did a double batch and it was great having them help me roll out the balls.
Dec 23 2014 (2)

Dec 23 2014

Dec 23 2014 (3)

I put together some treat plates for neighbors.  Clark helped me with the "toffee", and I made the fudge in the microwave.  It was so amazingly easy!!! I wanted to make a double batch of fudge, but couldn't bear the thought of using 6 cups of chocolate chips in just one recipe.
Dec 23 2014 (4)

Tuesday we also went to the community center and played ping pong, air hockey, foosball and ran/walked around the track.
Dec 23 2014 (5)

Dec 23 2014 (6)

Dec 23 2014 (7)

That night we joined our friend Jenny at her house with her family for dinner, a fun Christmas project and decorating cookies.  It was a fun night.
Dec 23 2014 (8)

Dec 23 2014 Whitings

Dec 23 2014 Whitings (2)

Cal's cookie he set out for Dad...I mean Santa, ha ha.
Dec 23 2014 Whitings (3)

Dec 23 2014 Whitings (4)

Jenny's parents have a karaoke machine.  The kids had fun with that.
Dec 23 2014 Whitings (6)

Thanks for a fun night Jenny and Dan!  We hope you are all having a great Christmas time.  This has been such a nice Christmas.  I definitely learned from last year to not do house projects during December!  We did do one--the painting of a bookshelf.  But thankfully I knocked that out quick.  More Christmas stuff to come!!!

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