Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

We had a nice Christmas Eve--we hope all of you did too.  Last year's was so crazy! (Albeit, fun.)  Lee didn't work this Christmas Eve and it was great having his help around the house!  He did a couple errands, among which involved taking the kids to do some last minute shopping, dropping books off at the library and wrapping my presents.  Lee and I also went on a run, while the kids enjoyed playing some games and watching movies.  We also walked around the neighborhood handing out treats.  Lee and the kids did that last year on Christmas Eve.  We may have started a new tradition!  This year I went along, which I enjoyed.  It also didn't hurt that it was in the low 50s either! 

We did plan out dinner too well, and ate late--we ate about 7pm.   I enjoyed that Cal was somewhat amazed at the "fancy" place settings Lee and I set out.  Someday we'll have some fun centerpieces.  Last night we did have a cute one that our friend Ms. Kim gave us, in the center. 
Dec 24 2014 (2)

That afternoon evening I worked on pies for Christmas day.  Haley helped me make some mini pumpkin pies that we eat for breakfast every Christmas morning.
Dec 24 2014 (14)

Dec 24 2014 (16)

My dad's birthday is on Christmas Eve.  In addition to all of us calling and singing happy birthday over the phone, some of us joined in on google+ and sang again to him.  We also we able to see him blow out his birthday candles.  Happy Birthday Dad!  We hope it was a great one!
Dec 24 2014 (15)

Every Christmas Eve we also have the kids perform the Nativity while Lee reads the story from Luke 2 and other scriptures. I must say our kids don't put on the most reverent rendition, but hopefully they will always have good memories of Christmas Eve. Elden wanted to be a sheep.
Dec 24 2014 (3)

Cal was an angel and Shanna Mary.
Dec 24 2014 (4)

Haley I guess was the donkey?
Dec 24 2014 (5)

Elden also played Joseph.
Dec 24 2014 (6)

Dec 24 2014 (7)

Another angelic appearance.
Dec 24 2014 (8)

Dec 24 2014 (9)

Not sure why, but Haley wanted a picture with the nutcracker.
Dec 24 2014 (10)

Clark as King Herrod.
Dec 24 2014 (11)

Dec 24 2014 (12)

After the Nativity we asked the kids if they wanted a treat and I don't think anyone wanted one.  Clark definitely didn't want one and he and Cal went straight to bed.  Wow, that was easy! Shanna had the hardest time falling asleep.  Cal was one of the last kids to fall asleep too but he was very, very quiet and stayed in bed.  Lee and I got everything ready for Christmas morning.  I love filling the stockings, putting out presents, setting the breakfast table and getting everything clean and perfect for the big day!  We hung out with some of my siblings Christmas Eve evening.  First Darrell and Lois, then Daniel joined in, later Roger and after everyone got off I talked with Stephanie on the phone and then did a quick video chat with Deborah.  Even though we had everything "ready" at a somewhat reasonable time, we stayed up late visiting which was really fun.  Lois and I hung out the longest while getting stockings ready on my end and Lois baking on her end. 
Dec 24 2014 (13)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it's been a great Christmas season.  It's been very fun with lots of activities, giving, feeling the Spirit and enjoying family time too.  Happy Birthday Dad and Merry Christmas everyone!

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