Monday, August 18, 2014

Paul's Temple Weekend

We squeezed in a big trip this past weekend, right before school started.  Friday night we left for Iowa/Illinois and drove all night.  We arrived in Nauvoo, Illinois Saturday morning at about 8am.  My oldest nephew on my side of the family, Paul, was going through the temple that day to receive his temple endowments.  He is going on a mission to Hungary to share the gospel of Jesus Christ for two years.

I love the temple!  We are so blessed to have temples just as the people did in ancient times as recorded in the bible.  The Nauvoo temple is a special temple.  It's the second temple the early members of my church built.  The government and angry people ran the church members out of Nauvoo close to the middle of the 1800s and later someone burned the temple down--if I remember right.  The temple was rebuilt in the early 2000s, keeping to the original temple structure as much as possible.  It's gorgeous. Some things done in temples are make sacred covenants with God to be obedient and serve Him, and be sealed/married to your spouse for time and all eternity. Also baptisms are performed for people who have already died. People stand in as a proxy for the deceased people.  There are certain acts that need to be performed while we have a body, like baptism and being sealed in the temple.  Read more here about temples and the purpose of them!

Our plans changed last minute that morning and we were able to go on a wagon ride around Nauvoo. Last time we were in Nauvoo in 2011 we did the exact same thing, ha ha.
Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo

Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo (2)

Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo (3)

The Nauvoo Temple!
Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo (4)

Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo (5)

Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo (6)

Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo (7)

Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo (8)

There were over 350 brick homes in Nauvoo, and once the town boasted a population of about 12,000--back then it was larger than Chicago! So sad that these early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had to leave their beautiful city.  But they were blessed and found refuge in Utah.
Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo (9)

Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo (10)

Before we attended the temple we were able to see Paul receive the Melchizedek priesthood, being ordained as an Elder. Later we dropped our kids off at my brother's house.  His awesome wife Shawna watched them for us as we went to the temple with Paul.  It was wonderful being there with him!
Aug 16 2014 Nauvoo (11)

We had a nice Sunday.  Paul gave a great talk, as did a high councilman that was visiting. I also enjoyed the lesson in Relief Society about raising children in light and truth. Afterwards Deb made an awesome lunch and we enjoyed visiting.
Aug 17 2014 Cedar Falls

I wish these cousins could see each other more!
Aug 17 2014 Cedar Falls (2)

Aug 17 2014 Cedar Falls (3)

My awesome sister Deborah!
Aug 17 2014 Cedar Falls (4)

Look at these beauties.  Deborah made chicken enchiladas--a recipe that we used growing up.  I haven't made these in years.  They were so yummy!
Aug 17 2014 Cedar Falls (5)

After lunch we snagged some ice cream and headed out.  We were a few minutes from their house when I remembered that I forgot sandwich items to bring with us for dinner. We turned around, picked up the bread and cheese, and a movie too that I forgot to borrow from them.  (We left some clothes there too, but completely forgot them!) Thanks Deb for the food and ice cream!  The movie I am borrowing is Condorman.  Anyone seen it?  It's a fun comedy/adventure with Michael Crawford.  You know, the Phantom of the Opera guy and all.

We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed seeing my parents again (we saw them when we were at Lois') and my brother Sam and his family and of course Deb and her family! After driving all night, we arrived back at Lee's Walmart office Monday morning at about 7:45 am.  He decided to just stay there instead of going all the way home. After unloading, unpacking, starting laundry, cleaning the van and updating the budget, I took a nap. It was our last day of summer....I couldn't believe how quickly it had come!  Hope you had a great summer vacation everyone!

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