Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Really? Did this day really happen? Yes, all five of our kids started school today!  Even snuggle bug Elden.  I am still in shock about that.

Yesterday morning we pulled in from our wonderful weekend Iowa/Nauvoo trip.  I had a pretty busy morning getting everything cleared away from our travels and enjoyed a long nap.  Last night for family home evening Lee gave each child a father's blessing for the start of a new school year.  We had hot fudge sundaes and started playing Monopoly.  Shanna and I are almost out of the game. Lee and I also went to a friend's house so Lee could give her daughter a blessing.

I was very proud of myself and got out of bed this morning when my alarm clock went off at 5:15am.  I have to give myself a pep talk the night before of how important it is to get up when the alarm initially rings. If not I keep hitting snooze.  I made some cinnamon rolls and in between rising and baking, I went running.  Lee cut up some peaches for peaches and cream...yum!  I was going to do hot chocolate too, but didn't get that far.
Aug 19 2014 First Day of School

Clark was the first off to school. Lee and Clark rode bikes over to the middle school.
Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (2)

Our 6th grader!
Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (4)

Something funny and something frustrating happened today to Clark.  Funny part first.  When Lee and Clark got to the middle school they didn't know which way Clark should ride to get to the bike rack.  Seems simple enough, but students aren't allowed in the parking lot.  What was funny is that the volunteer directing traffic and then the principal, had no idea at first on how Clark should navigate his bike to the bike rack because they never had someone ride their bike to school. (Whew, long sentence!)  Well, as long as they had been working there I suppose.  Crazy, right?! There is even a bike lane leading up to the middle school, granted it's only been there a year or so. I am not surprised, but then again I am.  Middle school is prime bike time! 
Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (6)

The bad, frustrating bit was the whole rest of the day. After a sixth grade meeting in the auditorium, they moved to the cafeteria.  Then the students were informed that if their name was on a certain list they had to stay in the cafeteria.  By law students that didn't have the Tdap vaccine couldn't attend class.  I knew this and Clark had received his before school.  But the only reason I knew this was from the elementary school nurse.  Never once from the middle school did they say anything about the vaccine...as far as I remember.  Poor Clark called once this morning while Lee and I were on our way back from dropping off the kids, and then two more times while I was in Harrisonburg this morning.  Someone at the school called my cell phone about 11:30 and informed me what was going on. Clark was waiting around to go to class until his shot record could be brought in. Right before noon I went to the office with Clark's shot record.  She copied it and then I left.  I made a vague comment about Clark being able to return to class and it seemed like the office lady understood my meaning. Apparently not.  Something happened because the nurse never got the shot record.

I rode my bike to the school to ride home with Clark at the end of the school day.  Instead of greeting an excited 6th grader, a frustrated 6th grader walked out.  He had been out of class ALL day.  He didn't meet a single teacher, didn't go to a single class.  And his backpack was still full. I couldn't believe it!  I was there right before noon with his record.  What in the world happened?!  I called the school after I got the other kids home, but the nurse was gone.  When I told an office lady what had happened she was very surprised.  Tonight Lee and Clark went to Lee's office and made yet another copy of his vaccination record just in case they can't find his tomorrow morning.  He can whip that one out of his backpack and go to class.  Poor guy.  What a horrible first day of school. At least he didn't have any homework, right?!

Okay, back to the other kids.  More first day of school photos!
Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (7)

Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (9)

Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (10)

Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (12)

Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (3)

Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (16)

Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (17)

I tried to be very excited for Elden.  He happily went to school this morning.  The parents can't take the kindergarteners to class because they want to avoid any last minute drama.  I did not cry, but was still sad that my little guy was going to school.  I came close to crying the night we went for his kindergarten orientation.  But I didn't. 
Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (18)

The girls are in the same class this year.  We are all excited about that!  It will be interesting to see how it goes.  It should go well as they are different from each other.  I sometimes have to remind myself that they are twins! Shanna picked out their matching outfits about two weeks ago. 
Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (19)

Aug 19 2014 First Day of School (20)

After dropping off the kids and stopping by the house I went to Harrisonburg and met up with some friends at Mr. J's Bagels.  It was so fun to chat with them and have a distraction for the morning.  Too bad I didn't get there sooner!  I was about 20 minutes late! I ate a yummy cheese bagel with spinach, parmesan cream cheese.  I also bought a hot chocolate and put hazelnut creamer and half and half in it.  Yum! 

After a fun visit I went to....Sharp Shopper!  So weird that this is my life now.....school days without kids.  I found a great deal on Babybel cheese! Well, great deals aren't really found at Sharp Shopper, they're just always there. But the items they offer do change since it is a grocery outlet store.
Aug 19 2014

Despite being sad about Elden attending kindergarten, I am looking forward to the "new" schedule.  I have a few plans and I don't think I'll be bored in the least. If anything, I am really good at wasting time! Elden was so easy at home, that it won't be much different with him not here. (I will miss those afternoon snuggles though!)  A common comment I would get ALL the TIME was "you have your hands full". Lately the "new" common comment is "what are you going to do with yourself all day?"  Too funny.  It definitely is weird.  This is not what I had planned for my life, but I fully embrace it and am very happy with five kids. The other four kids had a great day at school and Elden was beaming when I picked him up.  He loved being at school and even saw Shanna and Haley in the hallway.  I heard they waved at him--so cute. Today after school Elden told me "Mom, I love school".  Seriously, I can't believe he is in school!  I am excited about lunch dates with Lee!  Hope you all are enjoying the last days of summer (if you are, enjoy them for me too), or the start of the new school year!


Lois said...

How frustrating!! Poor Clark!

Lena said...

Glad everyone else had a great day though.

Melissa S. said...

I really really REALLY can't believe all your kids are in school. You are basically an empty-nester during the day!!!!!! How would that be?!?! ;) It seems like Elden was just BORN!!!!!
And i would be soooooo bummed for Clark. That is unbelievable really. Like SUPER sad. I can't imagine hanging out in the cafeteria all day on your first day of school. Talk about the most boring thing ever.