Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fouth of July

A few days before the 4th we had Anthon and Rachel here for a few days while their parents were at girls' camp with their older daughters.  One day we went to Chick-fil-A to use their free kids' meals coupons from the summer reading program.


Lee made scones for dinner one night.

Summertime with friends!

Haley looks pretty good with my sunglasses on!

Rachel and Shanna enjoying dress up.

The girls posing with Ila...Ila made their cute hats for their birthday.

Also before we left for Utah Shanna, Haley and Elden were sick.  Shanna and Haley each had a random fever.  Elden did too, but he has spots on a lot of his body.  In Missouri our Bishop there (like a pastor) gave a powerful talk one Sunday about the priesthood power (God's power here on earth) and healing the sick by using that power.  Of course we are blessed with wonderful doctors and immunizations and medicine that are so helpful, and we should use what the Lord has blessed us with in these amazing times.  But more powerful than doctors and medicine is of course the power of God, and His priesthood.

Our friend who is a doctor looked at Elden and wasn't sure what rash type thing he had on his body.  Elden seemed fine other than that random fever so I didn't want to take him in.  Even when we had "free" healthcare with the Army I still didn't like going in! Anyway, Lee gave Elden and Shanna a blessing using the priesthood and in that they were promised that their bodies would start healing and they would get better.  Then next day you could tell that Elden's sores/rash was getting better!  I felt so thankful.  I am very grateful for good health. I was grateful too that they were better for our big trip to Utah!



I haven't thrown in a picture of a great Sharp Shopper deal for a little while.  I should have bought more!  They were delicious!

Fun at the park.  I am not sure if Anthon and Rachel were with us at this particular time, but we did take them to this park.


We had a great 4th of July.  It was the first leg of our trip out west.  We left Thursday evening, on the 3rd, and drove all night to Iowa.  I wanted to leave at 6pm sharp, but we didn't get off till about 7pm or so.  Oh well.  Usually I'll get all worked up if we don't leave within 5 minutes of our departure time.  Thankfully I didn't do that this time.  The drive was good and we caravaned with Daniel and Amy here and there.  One stop we made was horrible.  Well, not really, actually.  We took an exit to get gas and take a bathroom break.  The gas station was by the interstate but we had to drive a little ways to access the gas station.  When we got there the gas station was closed.  Unknowingly we stopped at the exact same exit on the way home!  Argh.... Daniel and I called each other through the night to see where we were at which was fun.

While Clark was waiting for us to pull away he had some fun with the gummy bears.

We were packed!  Seven people, seven bikes, seven sleeping bags, three suitcases, three coolers, lots of snacks and food, plus other random stuff.

I spy with my little eye.....the St. Louis Arch!

Lee wore these clothes all night driving.

About 9am we met up with Lena and her family that were traveling from Mississippi.  I loved that we did not plan this but were able to meet up at a welcome center!

We spent the day at my brother Sam's house. We pulled in at about 10am.  Five of us siblings were there.  The kids watched a couple of movies.  I went on a run, which was really nice.  As a part of my run I ran to a grocery store and bought a few things that I forgot to bring.  We also got to meet Sam and Shawna's new baby, Emma! 

Later we went to a nearby park and spent a couple of hours there.  It was SO nice outside!  Perfect in the shade and hardly any bugs.  The cousins had a lot of fun. And so did I for that matter, talking with family!
July 4 2014

Appropriate play equipment for the 4th!
July 4 2014 (2)

Myself with two of my awesome sisters!  Missed you Lois and Steph! There are five girls and five boys in my family, if you were curious...
July 4 2014 (3)

Lillie is so cute!
July 4 2014 (5)

The kids also enjoyed the dirt/sand pile behind them.
July 4 2014 (6)

July 4 2014 (7)

July 4 2014 (8)

A family photo on the 4th.
July 4 2014 (9)

Much better.
July 4 2014 (10)

At Sam's.  He has a great deck out back! They did a yummy bbq dinner with hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and watermelon.  Sam also had a couple of coolers full of pop/soda that people could have throughout the day.  We don't drink a lot of pop, but we really like it.  The kids LOVED having free access to pop!
July 4 2014 (11)

Haley and some of the other kids enjoyed playing with this neighbor dog for a little while.
July 4 2014 (12)

July 4 2014 (13)

July 4 2014 (14)

Dessert time and almost fireworks time.
July 4 2014 (15)

July 4 2014 (16)

Shanna LOVES babies and Shanna LOVES carrying babies.
July 4 2014 (17)

Love seeing cousins chat and hang out.  We don't see each other enough.
July 4 2014 (18)

July 4 2014 (19)

Elden, you are so funny. 
July 4 2014 (20)

July 4 2014 (21)

July 4 2014 (22)

July 4 2014 (23)

A little while after the fireworks we pulled out and headed towards Utah. Before we left, Shanna said she saw a cell phone on the ground.  It was dark out and I couldn't see a thing.  I told her to go out and get it.  Sure enough she picked up a cell phone.  Thankfully she saw it.  It was my sister's who was headed to Utah that night too!

Thanks Sam and Shawna for the awesome 4th.  It was great being with family!  I'm so grateful for this great country.


BWei said...

You are a rockstar, Ruth! What a fun trip.

Daniel said...

Ahhh... so that's what my kids were up to at your place. Thanks for the post!