Friday, July 25, 2014

Bartholomew Family Reunion {Day 3}

Day three we spent in Salt Lake City, mainly Temple Square.  First off we had a fun tour at the state capitol building in Salt Lake City.  We learned some fun facts--like the first capitol was going to be in Fillmore, smack dab in the center of the state. 

See the statue in the way back?  That is of Philo Farnsworth, who invented the television.  I am related to him through his wife.  I am his wife's second cousin twice removed.  While he was plowing a field one day at the age of 17, the rows in the field inspired him on how the electricity could be transmitted to create a TV. 
July 10 2014 Utah Capitol (3)

Next we headed over to the Tabernacle and caught the last part of the organ recital.  Too bad Clark wasn't with us.  He would have enjoyed it I think.  We spent a little bit of time at the Church History Museum.  There is such a fun kids' area.
July 10 2014 Temple Square

Behind Haley, Cal and their cousin Jon, is a piano that my ancestor brought from England-Jean Rio Baker.  It's supposedly the first piano to arrive in the Salt Lake valley, in 1851.
July 10 2014 Temple Square (2)

So fun that we could see the piano.  We watched a movie about her too actually at the museum!
July 10 2014 Temple Square (3)

We visited two more visitor centers.
July 10 2014 Temple Square (4)

July 10 2014 Temple Square (5)

July 10 2014 Temple Square (6)

July 10 2014 Temple Square (7)

July 10 2014 Temple Square (8)

Though it would be awesome if my girls were married in the DC Temple, Haley wants to be married in the Salt Lake Temple.  I'll take any temple, when it comes down to it.
July 10 2014 Temple Square (10)

July 10 2014 Temple Square (12)

Next we toured the conference center.  Clark is standing by Parley P. Pratt.  He is my 3rd great-grandfather.
July 10 2014 Temple Square (13)

We took a snack break and had ice cream and frozen yogurt at City Creek. We let the kids get whatever they wanted....not such a good idea, ha.  But all of the ice cream/yogurt was eaten by the time we left so that was good.  It's a place where you pay by weight.  Haley's alone cost over $8!!!
July 10 2014 ice crea

We had a yummy dinner at a park in Salt Lake.  Thanks for the awesome meals Steph!  I love seeing kids sitting and chatting.  Haley is talking with Kirsten.  Shanna and Kirsten hung out a lot during the reunion.  I'm glad she and Haley spent some time together too!
July 10 2014 SLC Park

How do you get 45 people together for a family picture? 
July 10 2014 SLC Park (2)

I found out I don't have a "final" picture of us looking at the camera!  I'll have to snag one from my brother-in-law.  We missed the other 9 family members that weren't there.  Yes, there are 54 of us right now and this is just my parents, siblings and their kids!  I love it!
July 10 2014 SLC Park (3)

Every time we get together with a few families, we like to do a ladies night out.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory that night.  It was so fun!  I even saw a fellow missionary (Ana Reynoso) I served with at the Los Angeles Visitors' Center.  I should have taken a picture, but didn't. 
July 10 2014 Ladies Night Out

The next morning Lena, Lee and I did a session at the Jordan River temple.  We saw several temples on our trip.  It was great!
July 11 2014 South Jordan Temple

July 11 2014 South Jordan Temple (2)

Before we left Salt Lake we stopped at 7-11 to get a free slurpee.  YUM.
July 11 2014 Free slurpees 7-11 (3)

July 11 2014 Free slurpees 7-11 (4)

It was really bright out and I had a hard time keep my eyes open!  It was so great staying with you Roger and Britt!!  Thanks for hosting us and feeding us. 
July 11 2014 Free slurpees 7-11

I love family reunions.  I am already looking forward to the one next year!  Thanks so much Stephanie and Andy for all of your hard work.  It was wonderful!  I really wish we lived closer together....

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