Sunday, June 16, 2013

School's Out

Another year of school has come and gone.  I really love the elementary school here.  Great teachers, great staff members, wonderful PTA, etc.  I REALLY love it.  My kids had a good school year. I can't believe that I have just one year left before Elden goes to school, and Clark enters middle school!  Shanna and Haley are SO excited about 1st grade, it's cute. I think Cal will really enjoy 3nd grade this coming year too.

I attended a couple end of the year activities.  The kindergarteners had a "fun day" with different game stations.  Elden and I were helpers at one station. I also went to some of the 4th grade kick-ball tournament. 
June 4 2013 Clark kickball tournament

Here is Clark and probably his favorite teacher, Mr. Markel. Clark has started talking about wanting to be a teacher. Aside from the gym teachers and the principal, he is the only male teacher.  As far as I know ALL the kids love him and he's a great teacher. I helped out in Clark's classroom this year with fluency reading and I enjoyed getting to know the other kids in his class, a little bit at least.  Elden was quite popular when I would go in.  The boys would want fist bumps or high fives from Elden, and the girls would ask for hugs.
June 4 2013 Clark Ben Markel

One last peaceful afternoon with Elden having the house practically to himself.  This was the second to last day of school.  He just climbed up into my bed one afternoon and took a nap. By the way, we bought a bed frame that will accommodate a lot of storage underneath it.  The bed frame is also meant to be a box springs.  But we went ahead and put our box springs on, underneath our mattress.  The bed is REALLY high off the ground, it's kind of funny.  I think we are going to just keep it like that.  I don't want to throw away my box springs, so might as well have them out of the way, and under the mattress.  What is nice though is that in the middle of the night Elden has stopped climbing into bed with me.  Elden and Haley would climb into bed with me--usually not Lee--and I wouldn't notice for awhile because I was so out of it.  By the time I would realize they were in bed with me I would wake up quite uncomfortable, and then lots of times would be too lazy to move them into their own bed.  I do NOT like kids sleeping with me (aside from when I had nursing babies).  We started locking our door awhile ago so they would stop getting into bed and that helped (Haley stopped getting into bed and Elden stopped for a while till we moved).  Kind of funny story, several months ago when we started locking our door, one of our kids woke up.  I think one of us went and put them back in bed.  He or she did not want to stay in bed (can't remember who it was) and we were already back in bed, with the door locked.  A few minutes later Shanna, Haley and Elden were all pounding on our door, crying at about 2am. I think even at the time, 2am, Lee and I were chucking about it. Anyway, Elden hasn't climbed into bed at night with me for a long time.  It's nice!   He will come up to the bed sometimes and ask me to put a blanket back on him in the middle of the night.  And yes, he's really asleep.
June 5 2013 Elden

The Saturday before school got out, we went swimming.  This picture is also from the second to last day of school.  We went swimming again and I had the kids tested for swimming lessons this summer.  I am looking forward to going to the pool a lot this summer.  We already have our pool pass!
June 5 2013 Shanna Elden

The last day of school I went to an awards ceremony.  Cal and his teacher, Mrs. Cox, and the principal Mr. Dansey.  Cal was on the A B honor roll. So another story......a few weeks ago there was a pretty big storm and the next day the water pressure wasn't working in town.  It was so bad at the school that it had stopped working altogether.  The superintendent was visiting our school, I guess to check in on things.  Our principal was going to the different classrooms with her and they came into Mr. Markel's classroom while I was in there doing fluency reading with the kids.  Afterwards the superintendent asked Mr. Dansey about the bike parked out front and asked if it was the principal's.  He said no and said it was mine.  The superintendent asked what I did, and Mr. Dansey said that I was a mom and had five kids, and that I helped out at school.  Mr. Dansey related this conversation to me.  I don't know how to explain it very well, but they way he told her that I was a mom, pleased me. (Well, how he told it to me anyway.)  He didn't make excuses for my decision staying home and in a way it seemed like he was saying that being a mom was just as important and influential as any other job. Okay, maybe you had to be there, but anyway, it was nice to hear. He is a really good principal.
June 6 2013 Cal Honor Roll

Clark on the A B honor roll.
June 6 2013 Clark AR points

Clark was one of the top readers for AR points in 4th grade.
June 6 2013 Clark AR points (2)

I think this was for battle of the books.  Interesting pictures, I know, ha ha.
June 6 2013 Clark Honor roll (2)

I picked up the kids from school the last day.  It's fun because the last day all the teachers come outside and wave bye to the students for the summer.  It's very sweet.  I think I am ready for summer...sort of.  Usually it's crazy when all the kids are back home.  It's quite a different dynamic even when Clark and Cal were at school, then back to being home all the time. And it's really different having just Elden at home.  The house is very quiet during the day and stays clean.  (I am definitely not complaining!)  But getting used to summer break takes some adjusting on my part.  This year hopefully the transition is smoother.  So far it hasn't been too bad.  The first day off of school the kids were busy with jobs as family came into town later that day, and the next. It's funny because when the end of summer rolls around I am sad that school is starting.  It's so nice not dealing with homework during the summer!!!  Not to mention I love the freedom our schedule has.  Now I just need to not be too lazy this summer!

So, our "bar" was installed! I am not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but they cut this piece wrong and I said I wanted a new one re-cut.  They brought one by and it looks great.  Lee even got the brackets installed--for added support--before they came. See the white outlet too?  Lee switched all of the cream switches and outlets with white ones.  THANKS Lee!  I seriously couldn't have done this without Lee's help.  He has done TONS to the house.
June 6 2013 bar

I want to get three barstools to put under here, and on the opposite wall have some sort of cubby system for the kids' backpacks and homework. Yeah, it will be nice to have our fridge back in the kitchen someday too.  I want to get the trim in before we move the fridge. See the strip of wallpaper?  How could you miss it, right?!  So on that wall, some guy just put up spackling or something to texture the walls.  We don't mind the texturing, so we found out his number and are going to have him come and do it-if the price is right-or we'll do it ourselves.  We also want to do some texturing on the wall by the stove. 
June 6 2013 bar (2)

I found these stools below at  I really like them.  This week our backsplash tile comes in...hopefully we can get that installed soon along with some other things.  We've made a lot of progress in our kitchen but there is still a lot to do...installing cabinet doors, painting cabinets, installing some new cabinet work (we're hiring this one out and I'll get a quote tomorrow...I am REALLY excited about this.  I should be able to get a garbage drawer!), putting up a backsplash, doing the trim work, "retexturing" some of the walls and installing new light fixtures.  At least the list is getting shorter, right?! We need to have some plumbing stuff checked out as there is some leaking problems in the bathroom. Ugh.  Depending on how much that will cost, we are seriously considering purchasing a miter saw with a table and kreg jig.  That way we can do our own trim work very easily and also build some other furniture that I am interested in building! We are going all out, ha ha. And once we get the baseboards in, we can move the fridge back to the kitchen. Okay, here's the bar stool....

This is the chest I am interested in building:  I think it would be great in our family room.  I love the idea of storing games in there too, with the chest doubling as a game table.  I would stain it darker.  I figure that even if we build a few pieces of furniture, and do our own trim work, it will be worth the money to buy a few tools!   Home ownership has had quite the effect on us ha ha.  Oh and our first house payment cleared.  It was great seeing that a nice portion of our house payment went to principal!


BWei said...

Lol--we have the same granite, I think! And also wanting to do those same barstools but haven't decided yet. Awesome.

Melissa S. said...

I'm loving watching your house come together. I told you before, your cake is AMAZING!!!!! and exactly like the guy.
I think it's neat when I see male elementary teachers. The one in my school growing up was everyone's favorite and I never got him. I know how hard it is to support a family on a teacher's salary so even MORe props to a man to go after it. young kids need good and frequent male role models.