Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We have some interesting lighting in this house, plus a few ceiling fans.  The fans have been great because this house doesn't have central air.  It should soon though.  We've gotten four different quotes.  Central air is expensive!  We are going to go ahead and have a heatpump installed which will do hot and cold air.  That way for most of the winter we can use the heatpump for heat and run it off of electricity.  Apparently electricity is cheaper than propane.  We'll keep our baseboard hot water radiators because the system is actually just a few years old.  It won't hurt to have a backup heat source.  (Though the baseboards aren't my favorite aesthetically.)

Last night we looked on line at some lighting and here is what we came up with. We have two wall sconces in our family room right now that we will replace with this.  Lee bought them the other day at Home Depot and will install them soon.

Family Room

Lee found this online last night also at Home Depot.  We are going to put this fixture in the dining room area.
dining room light

Another Home Depot find, we'll install this one on the other end of the kitchen where the bar area is--there is an opening that looks into the dining area.
Bar area ceiling light

And lastly I found this at IKEA.com.  I think it will be SUPER cute in the girls' room.  Hopefully Elden doesn't mind it.....now I just need to make it out to IKEA.
Girls' Room

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Lena said...

Fun lighting. Can't wait to see it in person