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For Thanksgiving this year I flew out West to attend my youngest brother's wedding...see post below. Lois and I flew out together and back and shared a hotel room.  It was a "girls" weekend for both of us.  We flew to Salt Lake and then caught rides to and from Rexburg.  Thanks Roger, Britt, Steph, Andy and Darrell for driving us around! Our families back East got together for Thanksgiving, which was fun for them...hopefully!

Before I start in with many wedding photos, I'll do a Thanksgiving post. There are so many pictures that I want to share that I figured I might as well break up the posts. Before Thanksgiving, just a couple of back items.  One afternoon Haley wanted to make a craft.  She mentioned making a tree, so I pulled out two pieces of green paper, that was it.  Next I know, Haley and Shanna made a cute, creative tree!  The leaves were nice and fresh when they glued them on, but you get the point.  I was quite impressed.
Nov 19 2012 Haley

Nov 19 2012 Shanna

The Monday before Thanksgiving we wrote on leaves stating things for which we are thankful.
Nov 19 2012 Haley Cal Lee Elden Shanna

And last one, before I went to the wedding I made Ciera a stocking.  It matches the one I made Sheldon last year.  Sadly I forgot that Ciera doesn't play the guitar....she plays the violin.  Oops!
Nov 20 2012 stockings

Now on to the wedding.  Well, Thanksgiving really. After checking into the hotel, we swung over to Sheldon's apartment.  Deb and Lena were busy making pies.  Stephanie made lots of homemade pumpkin pie filling.  We Bartholomew's like A LOT of pies at Thanksgiving!
Nov 21 2012 Steph Lois Ruth Lena Deb

I was going to have Sheldon and Ciera open their gifts right after the wedding, but then I decided it would be more fun for me to be there, so they opened them that same afternoon. Nov 21 2012 Sheldon Cier

See those pies in the background? Britt you look hot!Nov 21 2012 Britt, Riley,paul, Andy

Lena made them the fun, sparkly Christmas tree. Nov 21 2012

For dinner we headed to Big Jud's. I haven't been there since I was at Ricks! I went with my roommates and FHE brothers once. I ate a 1 pound burger, and my friend Jared at a 2 pounder. He threw-up on the way back to Rexburg. And on that note, my bleu cheese burger was really good!!
Nov 21 2012 Big Jud's

Nov 21 2012 Big Jud's (2)

Nov 21 2012 Big Juds (2)

Nov 21 2012 Deb Ruth Lena

My Texan missionaries at Big Jud's! Nov 21 2012 Lois Darrell

Later that night we went out again for Ladies Night Out. It was the only night that would work. And it happened to be a Wednesday, funny enough!
 Nov 21 2012 Ruth Steph, Applebees

I wanted some frozen lemonade, but their ice machine wasn't working. Oh well. Like I said I was sick, so I was very content with some water. I love these ladies in my life! Nov 21 2012 Girls Night Out Applebees

For Thanksgiving Day both families met together. As I've mentioned before, Ciera also comes from a family of 10 kids...5 boys and 5 girls! Crazy, huh! Just like mine! We met at a church in Rexburg. Ciera's family brought the potatoes, turkey and stuffing, and we provided the sides. Even though the wedding was the next day, we couldn't avoid the Black Friday ads. We love getting a couple of newspapers and looking through the ads.
Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (14)

Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (2)

Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2012 Thanksgiving

Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (3)

Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (4)

After dinner there was a talent show. I thought it was really fun. Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (6)

Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (5)

Nov 22, 2012 Lexie

Nov 22, 2012 Lizzy Steph

Mike's magic shows are a must at family gatherings! Nov 22, 2012 Mike

Nov 22, 2012 Rebecca Makenzie

Nov 22, 2012 Schulties

The soon-to-be newlyweds! Nov 22, 2012 Sheldon Ciera

Every year we have a Thanksgiving race after we eat. We probably should do it before we eat! It was pretty cold outside in Rexburg, (AND WINDY!) so the race was just around the church building. I would have ran in it if I had felt better...maybe next year! Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (8)

Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (9)

Nov 22, 2012 Run

Nov 22, 2012 Rutn

After the race, it's pie time!
 Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (10)

Thanks to Sheldon, Black Friday shopping was easy. I wanted a new sheet set and Sheldon waited in line and got them for me! Thanks Sheldon! We stopped by Walmart and saw Sheldon and Ciera. Others in my group bought some fun things for Sheldon's apartment....I was being a Scrooge and didn't buy anything. Nov 22, 2012 Steph Lois

Some of us went to Sheldon's place to do a little cleaning and spruce it up.
Nov 22 2012 decorating Sheldon's apartment

Now your eyes are open Steph.
Nov 22 2012 Sheldon's apartment

Told you it was going on the blog, Darrell.
 Nov 22 2012 Darrell

That night was Sheldon's bachelor party and all the brothers and nephews got together to play games and drink hot chocolate. Sam brought some yummy Stephan's mint truffle cocoa. (I stopped in and helped
Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (12)

If you've never had a Tim Tam Slam, you're missing out! Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (13)

Little Will snuggled with Grandpa. I was so sad I was sick! Will is such a cute baby and enjoyed cuddling up with his relatives. Maybe next time! Nov 22 2012 Thanksgiving (11)

Back in the Valley....Lee hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. Lois' family came down-Jeff, Reed, Blake, along with my cousin and her family-Heidi, Marc, Marc, Kate, Peter. Heidi's husband did a rotation for work in DC that past couple of months. It was fun having them visit a few times while they were here! Here are some pictures from their holiday.....
Nov 22 2012 Elden (2)

Nov 22 2012 Haley

Nov 22 2012 Peter

What did she wear to the park? Nov 22 2012 Shanna (2)

I am guessing this...ha ha...
Nov 22 2012 Shanna (3)

Nov 22 2012 Elden Cal Reed

Nov 22 2012 Blake

Nov 22 2012 clark

I was hoping to see a picture of the turkey Lee cooked. Oh well. We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Sorry, we didn't have the turkey around long enough to take a picture. :) Also, sorry about Shanna's outfit. I guess she was giving thanks for all her wonderful wearing them at the same time.