Monday, June 18, 2012


Lee and I have been on a couple of more "official" dates lately thanks to the ever amazing Lois and Sadie!  

We made our usual trip to the DC temple on Friday.  That morning we got up around 5am to head to Ft. Detrick to get reserve cards.  I'll just say it was a waste of time.  Ah, the Army memories, ha ha. Despite the waste of time, I really do miss the military...the great amenities on base, the awesome people, living on base, shopping at the commissary, hearing Taps every night at 9pm, etc..... Also on this trip we saw the townhouse Lois and co. just moved in to!  I love it!  It has so much storage and lots of fun, interesting nooks and crannies. After the temple we went to the Ward BBQ for our local church congregation.  We arrived very late, but Lee and Clark enjoyed playing kickball and hitting some softballs.

The next night Lee and I went to a play.  Yes! A play!  We love going to concerts and plays, but haven't been in an incredibly long time. Years, actually!  While we were paying off our student loans the only "extras" we really spent money on was traveling to visit family.  Other than that, we were tight wads.  Then of course we started saving for the time when Lee would leave the Army and open his own practice. Anyway, when I heard that my friend was in a play I wanted to go see it!  Saturday night we headed out to the local theater and saw Harvey.  It was a fun play.  Some friends from church were there too, which was fun.

My friend did a great job!
Afterwards we went to Cold Stone. One of the teacher's that I did copies for last school year gave me a gift card to Cold Stone.  It was YUMMY! Several weeks ago Lee and I went mountain biking with some friends from our ward.  This was my third time doing this with Lee.  I walked a lot, fell off my bike a few times, got sprayed with mud, and received a few bruises too.  I am very inexperienced to say the least! Despite the crazy adventure, I would love to go again with Lee. I was really glad that Lee was able to go mountain biking.  It's a rare treat for him these days.  Hopefully he'll be able to go on several rides this summer when we go out West. Also, a few nights a week, if we're not too tired, we've been watching the BBC TV series of Agatha Christie's Poirot.  They have been really fun to watch.  Well, I should say I've enjoyed watching them.  Lee usually falls asleep in them, poor guy.
Thanks for the great dates Lee! I enjoy all of them!


Señora H-B said...

Yay! I love that you have been on so many fun date nights. I love it when we get to get out even though we don't have any kiddos keeping us home!

andyandsteph said...

The play sounds like a lot of fun. I love Harvey!!! I haven't seen the play yet but the movie is awesome. You should watch it if you haven't already seen it. It has Jimmy Stewart.

Nostrebor said...

Well, I think I've only fallen asleep for about half of them. The other half were really good!

Tiffany said...

Hey, Thanks for visiting my blog! Nicole is my sister, a very small world! How did you figure that out? To tell you the truth, I don't "know" Megan. I was friends with Jeremy in college and one day while I was pregnant (and scared to death) with my twins, I was blog stocking found her blog. I was shocked to find out that there was someone else out there that had a family just like mine- a boy, two years later, another boy, two years later--boy/girl twins. I loved that her posts weren't a big complaint session! So I left her a message, and she has been a huge support since then! All through the modern miracle of the internet :) I will have to stop by your blog now also!

Megan and Jeremy said...

So fun to be dating your husband eh? :) Good for you guys! Plays are so much fun. Remember how cheap the entertainment was at Ricks?? I remember I saw THE Vienna Boys Choir for $1. That was it! So cool.