Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School

Yesterday Clark and Cal started school. This is Cal's second school that he's attended and Clark's third. So far things are going okay.  Switching schools is always hard, especially on the older kids. I am very pleased with their new school.  The teachers, principal and the ladies in the office all seem great!  Out of the four years that my kid(s) have been going to school, the start of this school year was very anti-climatic.  Guess it's better that way?  Maybe it's because our friends back in Missouri have already started school or maybe it's because we've been anticipating the new school year for so long (if that makes sense!). Monday night we had a little party--suggested by Clark.  Lee also gave all of us priesthood/Father's blessings and that was wonderful.  I am thankful the power of God is here on the earth and that my husband is worthy to exercise that power.  

Clark and Cal yesterday morning
August 23 2011 Clark Cal Elkton Elementary

August 23 2011 Cal 1st grade

Lee forgot to take a picture of Clark by his classroom.  Maybe later we'll get one.  While Lee walked the boys into school we waited in the van.  When he got back we took off to get some errands done.  We first went to the DMV to title and register our vehicles, along with getting new licenses. We didn't have the proper identification to prove that we lived here--aka: the right piece of mail. When I received the change of address notice from the post office of course I chucked it in the trash.  That was dumb!  I brought some other mail envelopes with us, but they were the wrong ones.  Anyway, the lady was so nice and somehow worked her magic and got us everything anyway!  After that Lee stopped in at the local public TV station to find out about how to "advertise" with them or whatever they call it.  While he was in there we went to the pond behind the station and looked at the geese.  (I think they are geese!)

August 23 2011 Haley Shanna

August 23 2011 Elden

August 23 2011 Shanna Elden Haley

August 23 2011 Shanna Haley Elden

It was pretty cute watching Elden chase after this one.

August 23 2011 Elden and goose

August 23 2011 Haley Shanna Elden at pond

For some other random pictures....  On Sunday I did the girls' nails and I got the idea of letting them paint mine.  It was very fun.  Shanna did the pink and Haley did the gold.
August 21 2011 Ruth nails

These next pictures are from Haley and Cal. Here's Elden out on the front porch that we LOVE.  There is even a swing!
August 22 2011 Elden

August 22 2011

August 22 2011 Cal Haley

August 22 2011 Haley

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying school or that all is well with your kids in school. I personally am glad my kids are in school and not myself.  Maybe someday I'll get a Master's degree.  Someday. Maybe.


Roger said...

fun times! can't wait to see pics of the house and office.

Cardiganwearer said...

Please tell me Lee is going to be doing his own commercial! Better yet, have your kids do it. Pure magic.

And then send me a copy.

When do we get to see pictures of your new house?

Lena said...

How fun to be starting at a new school!

Polly said...

Such happy and cute kids you have, Ruth! I miss school. Maybe we can go back to school together someday.