Sunday, August 28, 2011

As per Roger's and Nathan's request, here you go! 
Aug 26 2011

Aug 26 2011 (3)

Aug 26 2011 (2)

This storage shed is awesome!  I've realized since moving that I need a lot of storage in my house.  When we eventually buy/build a house, we'll need lots of storage space!  We really don't have that much stuff (considering there are 7 people in our family), but there are lots of things that I am holding on to that I don't want to throw away yet--like all my twin baby girl clothes.  (Just let me know sisters when you are expecting twin girls!) I want to give them to someone I know instead of donating them or selling them.  Aren't you proud Mom?
Aug 26 2011 (4)

Love the swing!!!
Aug 26 2011 (5)

Keep in mind my other rental places that I've lived.  I do not decorate the places we live in (and I should, but I don't) and we generally live in older places.  Some of the finishes aren't that great, but it's fine. We're renting.
Aug 26 2011 (6)

Aug 26 2011 (8)

So I was going to be fancy, smancy and not have the TV in the living room.  Well, the house is a bit smaller than our last one (about 2500 sq. feet to now 1340 sq. feet), and with the fireplace not even in working condition, we went ahead and stuck it in there anyway.
Aug 26 2011 (9)

Aug 26 2011 (10)

Patio area off of the dining area.  The table and grill are our landlord's.
Aug 26 2011 (11)

The bar thing that you see to the right and the window opening--that goes into the dining area.
Aug 26 2011 (12)

The dining area leads into the kitchen/laundry.  Kitchen to the left, laundry to the right.
Aug 26 2011 (13)

The other corner of the kitchen.
Aug 26 2011 (14)

Shanna wanted a picture of her shoes.
Aug 26 2011 (15)

Aug 26 2011 (17)

Needed some storage solutions!
Aug 26 2011 (18)

Our wheat and powdered milk and whatever else we canned--in the bottom of our closet.  Well, it fills up more than just the bottom of our closet.
Aug 26 2011 (19)

Aug 26 2011 (20)

Aug 26 2011 (21)

Now up the stairs.  To the left a bedroom, to the right, a playroom.
Aug 26 2011 (25)

Aug 26 2011 (24)

Aug 26 2011 (26)

Aug 26 2011 (27)

Aug 26 2011 (28)

Aug 26 2011 (29)

Aug 26 2011 (30)

The room even comes with a gun closet!  Woo hoo!  You can see we have an extensive collection.
Aug 26 2011 (31)


Roger said...

Love the house pictures!

Lena said...

Looks like there are some built-ins. Nice.

andyandsteph said...

Yay! Thanks for posting pictures of your house. I really wanted to see it :) I can't wait to visit you sometime.

Lois said...

Fun seeing it all unpacked! Can't wait to come for Conference!!!

Megan and Jeremy said...

Looks great Ruth! And seriously decorating is way overrated! :)

I love the front porch-looks absolutely perfect! And I like those built in drawers in the big boys room. I hate dressers-they take up so much space so what a great idea. And I like the last room-it's cute.

Glad you like the school your kids are going to. Weird your girls will be in school next year eh? You'll only have Elden during the day! How crazy is that!