Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Fall Happenings

A couple of weeks ago Lee attended two conferences in San Fransisco for continuing education.  Thanks to all you tax payers (and the Army) for footing the bill.  He learned some great things and received over 30 credit hours!   



Am I the only one that has no idea about this building in the background?



My week while Lee was gone wasn't great and one that I wish not to repeat.  There were some highlights: the kids were pretty good at church for me (thanks to Bro. Bogle and Nadine for taking Elden!!!), a fun visit with my parents, talking/chatting with my sisters and Lee, and great visiting teaching appointments with my wonderful companion, Kathryn.  Some lowlights: getting strep throat again within about a month, and going to the doctor three separate times (with kids in tow). 

I have been working on some Christmas things and here are the results of one big project:




Today I will make skirts for the girls' Christmas outfits.  I have some leftover fabric (just BARELY enough) that I am using. I've cut everything out, just need to start sewing.

Elden is doing great with walking.  It's so fun seeing him walk around.  He likes spaghetti too.
Nov 22 2010 Elden

Yep, four of the kids are on one chair helping me bake something. It's fun cooking/baking with the kids.
Nov 22 2010 Kids baking


Cardiganwearer said...

Yes, you are the only who has no idea about "that building". It's older than you are.

Did you eat at the Fog City Diner!?

Lois said...

What is that building in the background? I for one have no idea what it is... I hope you stay strep-free for a while!!