Monday, October 18, 2010


We finished our personal finance class yesterday at church.  We will probably teach it again in February or so. Lee and I really enjoyed it and I am glad I had him teach with me.  He did a great job. We really enjoyed hearing a few things from class members about how they started a budget, or canceled cable, or whatever.  VERY FUN! 

I have been thinking about Christmas lately and strangely have a desire to get started on some gifts and Christmas cards! Hopefully December will be a fairly calm month this year!

Today Elden went in for a well baby check-up.  He got his 15-18 month immunizations and flu shot, and I completed my Hep A (I believe) series, plus took the flu nasal spray.  I need to remember that the middle of January I need to go in to complete my Hep B series. 

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Lois said...

Yay for finishing your class!!! Have fun with Christmas preparations - I've been having fun with mine!!