Sunday, October 24, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences

It was a short school week last week due to parent teacher conferences.  The night of conferences we all went to the school playground and Lee took Cal in first, then Clark.  The boys are doing well in school!  Clark is reading 100 words per minute and Cal is doing well with the first reader-type books. And for the record Shanna and Haley love the preschool they attend.  I switch with four other moms in my church.  We take turns teaching twice a week at our homes.  I will be teaching this week.  I love this paper Clark wrote at school a couple of weeks ago:

October 2010 Clark Paper

I am glad he likes math!

Last week I somehow got strep throat and now Haley and Clark have it too. I was hoping that just I would have it and no one else since I was able to get started on some medicine fairly soon.  Well, now I hope the other kids get it right away so we can just treat them and get it over with.  Last year we all got strep, but over a course of 2-3 weeks. 

On Monday we were Boo'ed twice.  Some people rang our doorbell and left treats.  Thanks!

On Thursday we had an exciting time at our house.  Check out Lee's blog for the details.

Friday night we had some friends over to play games, Craig & Tami and kids. We had a great time with them and played three different games. (We didn't know that anyone else had strep till Saturday. Hope you guys don't get sick!) Saturday night we were going to have some neighbors over for a marshmallow roast, but with Haley sick, and possibly other children unknowingly sick, we canceled (we found out Sunday morning about Clark). We went ahead and did our own.   
Oct 23 2010 Fire Lee Clark

Oct 23 2010 Clark Lee Shanna

Oct 23 2010 Haley

Oct 23 2010 Cal Haley Elden

Oct 23 2010 Elden

Oct 23 2010 Elden (2)

Oct 23 2010 Clark


Lois said...

The important thing about Clark is that he likes to do math! :D

Lois said...

I hope everyone gets better soon and it doesn't drag on forever!!

Lena said...

My kids like math too.

Megan and Jeremy said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon! And I love the dinner & a movie outside thing, we will definitely have to try that before winter sets in.

And good luck to Elden on gaining weight!! He is so cute :)

andyandsteph said...

I'm glad Clark likes math :) Looks like you had a fun marshmallow roast!

Melissa S. said...

ha ha ha! All of Bronson's reports talk about him doing well in math too and Bronson said it's HIS favorite........but I've never hear "the MOST important thing about him" is that he likes math.....yet.
So funny.

Polly said...

Sorry to hear that you guys were sick. It's no fun. I love to read what Clark wrote about himself. He is so sweet. I can tell that he's a great helper in the family.

Happy Halloween!