Monday, September 27, 2010

The Weekend

Someone brought Warheads to work on Thursday. No one really wanted them, so Lee was given some to take home to the kids.  I think next time they won't really want them either...
Sept 24 2010 Clark

This one is the best.....
September 24 2010 Shanna

Sept 24 2010 Cal

Sept 24 2010 Haley

Saturday we met up with a few friend for a pot-luck lunch at the park. Thanks Andrea and Nathan for setting it up!  And aren't those cookies darling? 
Sept 25 2010 Shanna Haley Clark

Sept 25 2010 Shana Cal Clark haley

Sept 25 2010 Cal Shanna Haley Clark Sam Player

Cal and his buddy.  I wish they were in the same grade and had the same teacher! 
Sept 25 2010 Sam Player Cal Shanna

Sept 25 2010 Sam Player Cal Shanna again

Saturday evening I went my church building to view the live broadcast of the General Relief Society Meeting. You can watch it here: General Relief Society Meeting.  If I remember correctly, the meeting was being translated into about 82 different languages and broadcasted to around 165 countries.  Wow!  What a world wide church. And what a great, spirit-filled meeting.  I enjoyed all the talks.  Our prophet, President Monson spoke at the end and I couldn't help but cry when he stood at the pulpit and started speaking.  What a wonderful man with a wonderful heart with a life filled with service.  Truly a Prophet of God. After the broadcast Heidi and I had a good chat with the Bishop (the minister or pastor of our congregation) and his wife and then we (Heidi and I) worked on visiting teaching.  Sunday has been great as always.  This week in our financial class we talked about short-term savings (have at least a 3-month emergency fund and plan ahead--buy things with cash: Christmas stuff, vehicle(s), furniture, what you can afford, not what you think you can afford on a credit plan) and long-term savings (plan for retirement and kids' college fund/mission fund).  Sadly every Sunday we go over time.  We touch on almost all of the main points, but we always feel like we're rushed.  Maybe next time we'll try for a 7 or 8 week class instead of 6. We really enjoy teaching this class! Lee attended some Priesthood meetings this evening and went home teaching.  I just recently ended a Skype chat with my family--always a highlight of Sunday.

Enjoy the week everyone!

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Lois said...

LOVE the warhead pictures! Reed and I both enjoy them - Jeff, not so much. And I agree - the RS Meeting was awesome!