Monday, September 27, 2010

8th Anniversary

On September 21 we celebrated our 8th anniversary.  Lee forgot all about our anniversary--which I was actually hoping for. (I told him that this was the only year he could forget.)   I had a few things planned for him, so I decided in my mind that it would be "my" turn to do the anniversary stuff this year. I left a little note/clue for him on his bike for a present I got him. And the wonderful man that he is, I got him a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk.  What a lucky guy...eight years of marriage rewarded with chocolate milk.  Wonder what I can come up with for the 10 year anniversary. Later I also surprised him with a date!  I led him to believe that we were going on a family date....Thanks Kristi for babysitting!!!

I took some time that afternoon and finally scanned in some wedding photos.
Engagement Photo

I made this dress.  It cost me about $50.  Lee's mom sewed the trim on for me.  Thanks!  I think she stayed up late stitching it on!
Bridal Picture

Wedding Day

Lee and I did sealings a few days prior to our own marriage/sealing. The sealer was Tongan....long story short, they came to our sealing and gave us beautiful leis!
Wedding Day 1

I wonder what people thought about our short engagement.  I got home from my mission in July. In mid August I went out to BYU and saw Lee for the first time after my mission.  We were engaged in a week and married four weeks later.  Was it crazy getting time off of work?  Were flight schedules difficult? Thanks everyone for coming!  We are glad you made the time for us!
Wedding Day 2

Wedding Day 3

Wedding Day 4

We were sealed in the Provo, Utah Temple. Whenever we go back, we love walking by sealing room 6 where we were married.
Wedding Day 5

Wedding Day 6

My parents (which is probably obvious!)
Wedding Day 7

And Lee's parents (yet again, I am sure you didn't need any hints!)
Wedding Day 8

My family at the time...minus Roger who was on his mission.  Sorry bro, I wasn't going to postpone the wedding so you could be there.
Wedding Day 9

Lee's family minus Kent who was quite ill that morning.
Wedding Day 10

I just realized today something funny about this picture. Millie, the amazing lady with the white shirt standing next to me, was my first companion on my mission--my companion at the Missionary Training Center.  And Jen, the great lady with the stripped sweater, wasn't ever my companion, but she was the last missionary I was with in the airport en route to home, before we split and had to go solo till we got to our families. So technically these sisters were the ones I started my mission with and literally ended my mission with. 
Wedding Day 11

Friends from Ricks College!!!  Ryan, Manda, Sam, Dave, Charles, Kaylene & Megan.  Ahhh....good times!
Wedding Day 12

Yum...cake time!
Wedding Day 13

Wedding Day 14

Good thing this will be the only evidence of a fight that our kids will see...
Wedding Day 15

Wedding Day 16

Missionaries from the CLAM (California Los Angeles Mission).  The three guys in back from left to right: Mike Kemp was one of my "AP's" and actually took my wedding photos.  Hyrum Wright--in the middle, was my first District Leader.  Next, Rick Davis, one of the Korean speaking missionaries in the CLAM was my favorite District Leader (sorry Elder Wright...I don't remember much from being a "greenie").  Elder Davis was so nice to us sisters and was a great leader. The rest of the ladies were fellow Visitor Center sisters, along with my friend Polly (she was a "full-field" sister--not assigned to the VC) who was in the MTC with me and Millie. To name off the sisters if I can remember! Adrienne, Sister Garcia, Polly, Melinda, Millie, Rachel, Krista and Ana.
Wedding Day 17

Wedding Day 19

My amazing sisters!
Wedding Day 20

Father and son
Wedding Day 21

Grandpa and Grandma Bartholomew, and Grandpa Hibbard.  I was really glad that my grandparents and Lee's grandpa could all be at the sealing.
Wedding Day 22

First came love, then came marriage, then came the the double strollers!

Copy of DSCN0044

Cal - Copy

Haley and Shanna 4 of May - Copy

Little Elden
DSCN8906 - Copy
Happy Anniversary Lee!!!


Cardiganwearer said...

Hey, I remember when that spire used to be orange!

Congratulations! See you next weekend.

Lois said...

Happy Anniversary!! It's fun looking back through the years. :D Maybe Lee should get a WHOLE gallon of chocolate milk for you 10 year anniversary! ;)

Rachel said...

Aww...that was a sweet post. And so funny to see those all those fellow CLAMers! Congrats on 8 years!

Kaylene said...

Wow, Ruth, this post brought back so many memories! I forgot I caught your bouquet!! (Crazy I didn't get married until 3 years later...) Happy Anniversary!!!!! You guys are so great together!

Dean and Elaine said...

Loved going down "Memory Lane" with you! So fun to see so many from the CLAM! Good times!