Monday, August 23, 2010

This week was the first full week of school! Poor Cal was sick over the weekend and of course he was better in time for school on Monday (last Monday).  After Cal was better, of course Haley got sick, followed a few hours later by Shanna.  Then Clark followed suit on Wednesday.  Anyway, Lee stayed home with the girls and Elden today from church.

Now that I've enlightened you with that dazzling information about our sick children, here are some more highlights of the week.  

On Thursday I briefly went to a little good-bye party for my friend.  It's crazy that they have already gone.  We are going to miss their family.  That afternoon I picked up Cal from school with the bike trailer, and I biked over with him to a community center and we did this:

Aug 18 2010 National Cupcake Day Cal

It was National Cupcake Day!
Aug 18 2010 Cal (3)

Aug 18 2010 Cal (4)

Aug 18 2010 Cal (2)

We had a fun little date.
Aug 281 2010 Cal and Ruth

Aug 18 2010 Ruth

That night as I checked on the girls...
Aug 18 2010 Haley and bear

Friday I pulled out the paints.  The girls enjoyed it!
Aug 20 2010 Shanna Haley

Aug 20 2010 Shanna Haley painting

Also on Friday the Mercury turned 200,000!
Aug 20 2010 '97 Mercury Villager

These two lights frequently illuminate this van.  For the most part, Lee has figured out how far he can drive once the light comes on.
Aug 20 2010 200,000 Villager

My brother Sam gets married next week!  I am so excited to see my family and be there for the wedding.  I am going to miss Mike & Lena and family though. I really wish they could be there.

Next Sunday Lee and I will start team teaching a 6-week basic personal finance class during Sunday School at our church.  We are both looking forward to it and have our teaching plan all mapped out.  Hope it goes well--and you are all invited to come!


MissouriMormonMama said...

That sunday school class sounds interesting! Wish I could come! Looks like a good week, despite sickies.

Lena said...

I think it's funny that you say you don't do anything with your kids, when in fact you do tons! You just tend to find others that have the supplies.

Lois said...

I hope the girls get feeling better soon! I can't wait to see you next week!!!!!

Dean and Elaine said...

Always having such fun with your cute kids! Wish I would have realized that it was national "cupcake" day and I would have baked the missionaries some cupcakes. :)

Gloriela and Nacho said...

You just gave me an idea! I think I will bake some cup cakes and decorate them with the boys! Hey I wish I could go to your class!!! good luck and post how it went
Love ya!!!

Liz said...

I missed cupcake week?! :-) It looks like you're all having a lot of fun. Your kids are all so cute.