Monday, August 16, 2010

Amazing Base Race 2010

School is almost in full swing and Cal and Clark seem to like it.  Clark is not excited about the homework, but what can you do.  I am wondering how things will go with helping Cal learn to read this year.  I know they will start sending home books soon!  First grade with Clark was easy compared to Kindergarten.

We had a great weekend.  My good friend Kristi called me up Saturday night around 10:30 asking if I wanted to be in a race with her--her other friend couldn't make it and she needed four people on the team. I told her that maybe Lee would want to.  Lee got on the phone and found out about it and decided to go.  I asked Lee about the race after the phone call, and decided that I did want to go.  I had never done a race...outside of high school...and I thought it would be very fun to do with Kristi. When she came over the next morning to borrow Lee's road bike, I surprised her with me coming instead of Lee.  She was so excited!

Don't you love the Major vest?  Thanks Tony for letting me borrow it!  The recreation department on base (MWR) wanted to make sure we were all "safe" during the race so of course we all had to wear helmets--a no brainer--and reflective vests and belts.  
Aug 14 2010 Kristi and Ruth after race

We had a great time! 
Aug 14 2010 Kristi and Ruth

Here is the team: Juan, Kristi, me, Adam
Aug 14 2010 Juan, Kristi, Ruth, Adam

We were team 7
Aug 14 2010 Amazing Base Team 7

This was the race: walk, run, ride bikes (any motor-less transportation) to each check point--you got a clue to lead you to each check point.  Once there, the team had to complete some sort of task.  We went all over base on our bikes to the different MWR facilities.  We rode 31 miles on our bikes!  Here is an example of one of the clues:
Aug 14 2010 Amazing Base
Yep, the clues were pretty simple.  Hopefully you guessed the golf course, right?  One clue stumped us and we really messed up on it, but oh well.  Now we all know where the Special Events building is located!

Each location had to sign our sheet after we completed the task.  We did 10 in all.
Aug 14 2010 Amazing Base Sign Sheet

Here is what we did....if you can read my small writing...I think I enjoyed the kayaking challenge and the paint ball shooting the best.
Aug 14 2010 Amazing Base Tasks

After messing up a clue (for the Special Events center) and Kristi/Adam using a "junky" bike for a few miles, we managed to come in 3rd place!  Not too bad for a team throw together fewer than 24 hours before the race!
Aug 14 2010 Juan Kristi Ruth Adam

Aug 14 2010 Juan Kristi Ruth Adam toughies

Some friends from church were also in the race--Sam, Jenny, Shawn and Jared.  We saw them a few times throughout the morning.  It was fun to do the race with them! After wards there was a BBQ and visiting. I wish I would have eaten three burgers instead of two.  I was HUNGRY!  I won a food/exercise log book.  I am saving it for the girls to color in.  We had a blast and I wish we could do the race again next year!  But I think they are holding it in September, and that won't work for us.  Oh well. 
Aug 14 2010 Sam Boy, Kristi Sexton, Jenny Kuhni, Ruth

So here is the "junky" bike.  I'll call it the Pink Death.
Aug 14 2010 Adam and the Pink Death

Lee told Clark (and us) that this bike was made to be sold, not ridden.  Adam and Kristi would surely agree! During the race we went to the Black Jack club--location number 3 (BJBG).  We were going to ride right by the top of our street, so Lee was kind enough to walk all our kids and his mountain bike up and meet us. Adam switched bikes and rode Lee's mountain bike the rest of the way.  Lee took the Pink Death back to rest up on our front yard.  THANKS LEE!!! Hopefully it will revive sometime and that the person who owns it doesn't like to ride it a lot.
Aug 14 2010 Pink bike

While I was away:
Aug 14 2010 Cal Haley Shanna

Aug 14 2010 Haley

Aug 14 2010 Haley Shanna

Aug 14 2010 Shanna

The kids had a great time with Lee.  They also set up an obstacle course and timed each other.  Obviously this picture is not of the obstacle course.
Aug 14 2010 Cal Shanna Clark Haley

Aug 14 2010 Cal Shanna Clark

Since I hadn't biked enough that day, we loaded everyone up and biked over to the library.  We caught the last few minutes of the end-of-summer-reading-program party.  Cal and Clark enjoyed the water spraying out of the two fire trucks.  Next stop the commissary, where I saw Kristi again!  Thanks for the photos Kristi!  This is our gang and our bike troupe.  We have done several bike rides around base and LOVE it!
Aug 14 2010 Family Bike Ride II

Aug 14 2010 Cal Haley

Aug 14 2010 Elden and Shanna

Aug 14 2010 Family bike ride

After the impromptu photo shoot, we then went on to the USO.  We enjoyed treats at the USO and visiting with another friend, Nadine.  After we arrived home and had dinner, I was so thankful that Lee stepped in like he does every night and cleaned up the dining area/kitchen. Usually we do it together, but I was beat!  I was going to finish the laundry, but skipped that and finished it today.

We started our first full week of school!  I am trying to walk a lot more to school to drop-off/pick-up the boys.  That means I need to wake-up even earlier and have a better time plan.  So far it's working out.  Elden is still only getting half of a breakfast before we leave, but he hasn't seemed to mind! But hey, it's only three days and counting.  Maybe tomorrow I can get his belly full before we leave.

Cal's first painting at school--done today.
Aug 16 2010 Cal Kindergarten

Tonight we had mint brownies for our FHE treat.  I have been tweaking the recipe and changing it up a little from when I first started making them.  Now they are a family favorite and a regular in our house.  They don't last long either.  Right before I took Elden up to bed I picked him up off the ground and he saw the source for the little bites I had been feeding him.  (Luckily he pointed to the brownies a second time so we could get a picture of what happened the first time.)  He know when he sees something good to eat!
Aug 16 2010 Ruth Elden

Enjoy the week!  We have some fun things planned: movie night with our friends' kids tomorrow night while our friend competes in a signing competition, swimming at the pool, going to a friend farewell (which will be fun to visit with her, but SAD that she is leaving!), and seeing Toy Story 3 for free on base this weekend!  I'm very glad we waited to see the movie...can't beat free!


Heidi Sue the Mommy crafter said...

Way to go Ruth! That is way awesome about the race. And the brownies look amazing! :)

Gloriela and Nacho said...

Sounds like you've been having fun!!! Love the pics, Oh and on Toys story 3 it's great that you got it for free it's expensive going to the movies here!!!!

Lois said...

Looks like it was a fun day for everyone! I think it's cool you went ahead and did the race! Enjoy the rest of your week!!!