Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Days of Winter

We enjoyed the last weeks of Winter. The weather would fluctuate from mid 60's to low 30's, and of course every degree in between.

Elden wasn't feeling so hot in this picture. I think his second tooth came in at that time.
Mar 7 2010
Mar 7 2010 (2)

I found the girls like this one night. Too cute!
Mar 7 2010 Haley Shanna

A couple weeks ago we had a Family Home Evening on prayer. Lee gave each kids a stick (yes, we let our kids play with sticks...hey I have an eye doctor on hand, why not?) and each stick (sorry Elden, you didn't get a stick) represented the fours parts of prayer--intro, thankful-fors, ask-Thee, and the closing. Lee picked a child and would ask them, for example, how the intro to a prayer should go. Then they would say it or we would practice it, and that child would throw their stick in. I thought it was a great idea.
Mar 8 2010 FHE
Mar 8 2010 FHE (2)

My new creation, which I may have mentioned, is putting roasted marshmallows in between chocolate chip cookies. It's so good! And I rarely buy bars of chocolate. And as you all know, that my real reason is that chocolate chip cookies are cheaper to make, than buying 6 milk chocolate bars!
Mar 8 2010 FHE (3)
Mar 8 2010 FHE (4)
Mar 8 2010 FHE (5)

One of the "nice" days
Mar 10 2010 Haley Cal
Mar 10 2010
Mar 10 2010 Haley
Mar 10 2010 Shanna Haley Cal
Mar 11 2010 Haley Cal Shanna Elden
Mar 11 2010 Group Hug


Melissa S. said...

Those leopard outfits on the girls are so cute! Great idea on the FHE prayer lesson!

Lois said...

Your kids are SO cute!!! I liked the lesson idea too!

Photo Crazy! said...

You kids are darling! What a great idea with smores...a lot less messy with all your little ones. It sounds better to me then graham crackers and chocolate bars. Great ideas. I will have to try them out!

MissouriMormonMama said...

Looks like fun! Yummy idea with the cookies, and I love the pictures! The kids are growing so fast!