Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have not been good lately in keeping up with my blog. I can't give any really good reasons, but I am sure having 4 kids at home during the day would be one of them.

I convinced my parents to stay one more day after General Conference. That Monday was gorgeous out! We had a little outing to the park.

That night my parents and I watched the newest BBC version of Sense & Sensibility. It's my favorite version so far. My parents took off the next day. It is sad when family leaves. We were glad they could come and visit a little bit!

Lee had last Friday and Monday off because of Columbus Day. Thanks Columbus! Friday we met up with our friends at the temple and swapped babysitting. We and our friends arrived late because of crazy traffic, so we missed the session. We were able to do sealings though and that was really nice. On the way home we made our monthly trip to Aldi and sadly skipped our monthly Little Caesars dinner. It was worth it though. The grocery budget is pretty tight this month, and taking $8 out of it for pizza, for one meal--well, that wasn't even an option. Next month we'll be getting Little Caesars though!

Shanna and Cal can unbuckle the top part of their car seats. About a half hour away from home, Shanna was unbuckled and I started pulling over because she wasn't re-buckling. She did start to re-buckle, but I went ahead and pulled over anyway. Unfortunately, that was a bad idea. I ran over something and this was the result:

We were blessed though as the air slowly leaked out of the tire. We didn't realize we had a flat till we were turning into the parking lot of Auto Zone. And yes, we were going to Auto Zone anyway to check out prices for oil and an oil filter. Mr. Handy Lee bought a tire repair kit while he was there, and some oil and an oil filter. I had budgeted $30 for an oil change for this month, but not a flat tire. Once again we were blessed. Lee got some instructions on changing the oil and then did it himself and repaired the tire himself and all of those items cost $29. I was thinking we would have to dip into our emergency fund again. But thanks to Lee we didn't have to and even saved $1!

Just the regular things have been happening: school, work, exercising, Shanna licking the top of the salad dressing bottle. I went to a marriage class last week with my friend Kari. It was a Relief Society activity. I really enjoyed it. You did a great job Whitney!

On Monday we went on a little date and I got the kids some things at the Dollar Store for Halloween. We also had fun going to a flooring store to look at carpet remnants and then to a furniture store to look at mattresses. It was fun browsing in both stores and "dreaming" of our future house.

Elden went to the hospital on Wednesday to get a synergis shot. I know I am spelling synergis wrong. It is an RSV vaccine. He will get it once a month, March being the last month. I think if a baby is born under 34 weeks, she/he would get the shot. We haven't gotten our flu shots yet, but need to do so. Elden weighed 13 pounds 1 ounce! He is sleeping even longer at night now and I am SO spoiled with that! I put him down between 8-9pm and he doesn't wake up till about 7:30am. None of my other kids were like that. I put away Elden's 0-3 month clothes, but I might have to pull them back out again. They seemed to be getting snug on him, but the 3-6 month clothes are too big.

Have a great weekend! We enjoy seeing our own little pumpkins on our front porch. Thanks to my dad for planting them! If I don't plant anything else, I think I will plant pumpkins every year till I die. There is something fun about having your own pumpkins during the fall.

15 days and 25 minutes left!


Lois said...

Only 14 more days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reed liked looking at the pictures and knew who Shanna and Haley were. :D I like the new background!

Megan and Jeremy said...

I can't believe you guys are so close to being debt-free!!! Sweet!
And I can't believe how long Shanna and Haley's hair is getting! Sorry that was random, hope you're having a good week and that nothing else breaks down ;-)

Liz said...

Good fro you for being so frugal. Skipping Little Ceasars says a lot. I have been bad lately and need to improve.

Sorry about your flat, those are never fun.