Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Family Home Evening 2009

Tonight for Family Home Evening, we decorated cookies and carved pumpkins. Decorating cookies has been a tradition for a couple of years. We have carved pumpkins every year (I think) but this was the first official big pumpkin carve-out.

Thanks to my dad for planting pumpkins for us this past spring. Because of that we harvested 5 pumpkins from our garden! Plus we got 4 free pumpkins from the community center on base. Lee saved some seeds from a big pumpkin and we plan on planting them next year. I also want to plant some mini-pumpkins. Any ideas of a good variety anyone? Or tips on planting/caring for them?

We had a great time and we hope you'll enjoy the pictures! Happy Halloween!

Oct 26 2009 Haley getting ready too
Oct 26 2009 Cal and Clark frosting
Oct 26 2009 Shanna Mae
Oct 26 2009 Shanna
Oct 26 2009 Shanna and candy
Oct 26 2009 Cal and cookie art
Oct 26 2009 Haley and Ruth again
Oct 26 2009 Cal boy
Oct 26 2009 Shanna hiding
Oct 26 2009 Shanna not hiding
Oct 26 2009 Cal's tomb
Oct 26 2009 Haley and frostingOct 26 2009 Haley and green frosting
Oct 26 2009 Cal and ghost
Oct 26 2009 Clark green tongue
Oct 26 2009 Ruth and Clark
Oct 26 2009 Shanna once more
Oct 26 2009 Lee enjoying the decorating too
Oct 26 2009 Haley shake it
Oct 26 2009 Clark and Ruth
Oct 26 2009 Shanna's stash
Oct 26 2009 Cal with ghost

Oct 26 2009 Clark and little guy
Oct 26 2009 Clark and Cal

Awaiting some knife time
Oct 26 2009 Pumpkins before
Oct 26 2009 Lee Haley Shanna Clark Cal
Oct 26 2009 Lee being the everyday super dad
Oct 26 2009 Cal carving
Oct 26 2009 Haley joining in
Oct 26 2009 Shanna carving
Oct 26 2009 Elden and Haley
Oct 26 2009 Elden doesn't know what to think
Oct 26 2009 Elden

Oct 26 2009 Pumpkins after
Oct 26 2009 Clark's pumpkin
Oct 26 2009 Lee's favorite
Oct 26 2009 Pumpkins alight
Oct 26 2009 Once more
Oct 26 2009 Happy Halloween!


Melissa S. said...

WOW! How ambitious of you!!!!! Carving EVERYONE'S pumpkins isn't my fav. thing. I usually leave it up to Brooks. But this year, we're getting the seeds out to roast after Halloween, in the meantime, I gave the kids a TON of paint and let them paint them however they wanted this year. :)
I LOVE that cookie covered in M&Ms!!!!! Wouldn't we ALL want THAT cookie anyway?!?!? :)

Lois said...

Looks like a super fun FHE!!! The pumpkins turned out great and those cookies look YUMMY!

Polly said...

what a cute pumpkin family you guys carved! :) and your kiddos are growing so fast. I thought it's only been a few weeks I haven't seen your blog but I was looking at the girlies and I was like, what? who are these cute little girls? :)

Happy Halloween.

Photo Crazy! said...

I love the cookie pilled with m&ms (someone after my heart)! Your baby is soooooo cute in he pumpkin! Your pictures really told the story! Looks so fun!

Rachel said...

Nice job on the pumpkins! We're doing ours on Friday. Or I should say, *I* will be doing ours on Friday! :) Cute kids, as always!

Lena said...

I loved the pumpkins. We did cookies too for FHE. Great stuff!

Call Family said...

How cute are these pictures! Cute pumpkins and even cuter kids. Man I miss you guys.

Megan and Jeremy said...

What a fun night! Saw lots of frosting faces-nice-and Elden looks so cute as a pumpkin :-)