Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday the 12th, we enjoyed going to our ward's Fall Festival. There was a pie eating and pie judging contest, bobbing for apples, a get-to-know-you game, a playground for the kids to play on (imagine that), pie for eating and great company. We enjoyed having our friend Kari and two of her kids come.

My friend Kristi and I before the contest.

Kristi won!

The kids got in on the action too.

I didn't win the pie eating contest or the pie contest, but I did win a fun goodie basket for finishing the get-to-know-you game first!

I have a couple of random kid stories.A few days ago the girls took turns trying to make night life loud. The worst was last Sunday night. Shanna had still not fallen asleep after being in her room for 2 hours. I finally went into her room and laid on a mattress on the floor, and she sort of calmed down but she was still "tossing and turning" and FINALLY fell completely asleep at 3am. Then the next night Haley had fallen asleep on the floor (like she does quite often) and I put her in her bed. She was MAD! At least she calmed down after about 5 minutes.

Finally, a few comments on my kids and cleaning. My kids like to play in the nursery at church, and a few weeks ago Lee had choir practice after church, so it worked out nicely. Shanna had a bag of puzzle pieces, dumped it on the ground and played/looked at them. After she was done she put them all back into the bag. The other day Cal and Shanna were playing with some Legos. Cal was singing the words Clean Up to the tune of the Bob the Builder theme song and Shanna was putting the Legos in a bag. It was too cute. And a few times Clark has made his bed in the morning with no promptings from mom.

It's great seeing my kids clean up after themselves once in a great while without having to ask them or sit and wait for them to do so. There are still plenty of messes at my house though! The fridge pirates have disbanded for the time being. Hopefully they will never join forces again. (Though I think that is wishful thinking.) Two things that have helped to stop the raids are: 1. hiding the sour cream and 2. not buying yogurt. Those two things are hot commodities for Cal, Shanna and Haley.

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Megan and Jeremy said...

These pictures make me want to participate in a pie eating contest! Way to go Ruth!!!